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Letter from the Publisher

Welcome to our 5th anniversary issue! I cannot thank you enough for reading and supporting the magazine since April 2012 when we published our first issue in the Twin Cities. You can find all of our issues online if you’re interested in seeing our first—or any issue since we began.

In our first issue I was lucky enough to meet and interview Tracy Dyer (Wayne’s daughter) who lived in Minneapolis at the time. She had just started Urban Junket, maker of laptop bags, handbags and accessories, not too long before Natural Awakening’s launched in this market. We met when I went to hear her dad speak when he had a stop in Minneapolis. Recently I came across my notebook filled with notes, doodles and inspiration from his talk. I was just starting my Natural Awakenings journey; now it is five years later and I’ve learned and grown so much.

I have been fortunate as a Natural Awakenings publisher to meet a variety of exceptional people—highly devoted practitioners, inspiring and dedicated coaches and speakers, and kind and loving souls whose hearts glow with peace and wisdom. At least once a week I receive a call from someone who: A) Asks where they can find the magazine; B) Tells me how much they love and appreciate having the magazine in our community; C) Asks me for a recommendation for a certain type of practitioner that they’re looking for; or D) Asks to write an article.

It is heartwarming to be appreciated and thanked for bringing this magazine to the Twin Cities’ community and being able to watch it blossom and grow. We expect to grow even more in the coming years and could use your help if you feel so inclined:

  • If you have ideas for stories/articles, please let me know.
  • If you know of a place where we should distribute Natural Awakenings, please contact me with the information.
  • If you appreciate reading the magazine every month, call one or more of the advertisers and thank them for advertising in Natural Awakenings.
  • If you know a person or business who you think would benefit from being in the magazine, please have them contact one of the sales people listed on this page.
  • If there is a certain business or industry you would like to find in the magazine, please let me know.

Thank you to all of our readers, advertisers (past and current), distribution locations, drivers, supporters and helpers for all you do in this world and, specifically, for helping this magazine to expand, reaching and serving deeper, farther and wider in our growing community.

Happy Spring and Happy Anniversary!

Thank you!

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