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Letter from the Publisher

The quest for learning…

One of the things I love to do is attend conferences and retreats. I enjoy connecting with others, learning new things, questioning old ways and stepping out of the day-to-day routine to get a new perspective on life.

When I purchased my Natural Awakenings franchise six years ago, I had plans of hosting my own event like many other Natural Awakening publishers. I think it’s a natural result of being exposed to so many amazing practitioners, life-changing tools/techniques and groundbreaking businesses.

Learning, sharing resources, building on existing skills to help create our BEST LIFE…

What does your BEST LIFE look like? For everyone, it looks different. But for all of us, it’s something for which we strive.

Once identified, how do we achieve it? For some, it may mean to go inside ourselves and journal our way out. Others may seek out a friend, a coach or another form of professional guidance. Silence, gardening, running, painting, a walk by the sea or music are some of the ways we connect to ourselves and create that deep listening to the Universe talking to us.

With help from some friends and other Natural Awakening publishers, I decided to create my first event—Your Shining Life Expo: Finding the Tools & Resources to Creating the Life You Want. This experiential type expo will bring together a wide variety of businesses and practitioners. Here is my planning list for people, products and businesses I am seeking:

Sponsors; exhibitors; 20 classes/workshops put on by different exhibitors/speakers; hourly giveaways; massage, yoga + other bodywork/fitness; lots of samples/giveaways from advertisers/exhibitors; coaches (Life, Health, Nutrition); live music; Write Your Book—the author’s corner with authors and publisher resources; tiny home; green products/services; realty; finances; green grave burials; retreat centers; learning how to podcast or do Facebook Live; so much more!

What are you looking for? Maybe you’ll find it at Your Shining Life Expo, on Sunday, October 8, at the Doubletree Hotel, in St. Louis Park (West End). Let me know which types of workshops or exhibitors appeal to you so that we can be sure to seek some out and ask them to participate in our event. If you are a practitioner or business owner looking to offer your services and would like to exhibit, conduct a workshop or participate in a panel discussion, please contact me. I can be reached at 763-270-8604, or visit The website is updated weekly.

Cost for attendance is $10 at the door; $5 online. A select amount of free tickets will be offered soon through promotions, giveaways, exhibitor passes and more. So much good energy going on here!

To Your Best Life,

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