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Marrák Organic Hair Recovery

Hair loss is no accident and neither should the solution be. Prescribed pills and creams touted as solutions are really drugs, often with serious side effects, that were intended for other uses, accidentally discovered to restore lost hair. As to surgical methods, they can be painful, invasive, expensive, and fraught with side effects, lengthy healing time and results that can be spotty.

Dr. Elhabib Benlhabib, a University of Minnesota-trained toxicologist and pharmacologist affiliated with their Department of Dermatology, gained a tremendous amount of experience in skin biology and skin constituents through research on neuro-immune interactions in the skin. In addition to earning his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, he earned his B.S. in General Biology in Morocco and his M.A. in Biochemistry in Russia.

Benlhabib reformulated a secret family recipe for hair restoration which used ancient Andalusian medicinal plant therapy and crafted and modernized it to ensure safe, long-lasting results for hair restoration and scalp problems. “Growing up in Morocco, I witnessed the remarkable effects on family and friends who used an all-natural ‘secret family recipe’ to promote hair growth. Working in the Dermatology Department, I saw firsthand the struggle many had with hair loss. I knew I could use my skills to refine and improve the original family recipe to provide people with an effective alternative treatment for hair loss—one that is all-natural and organic.”

In September 2014, Moroccan Eco-Biologics (MEB) launched its line of all-natural and organic skin and hair health products. Recently rebranding to Marrák, the line includes Hair Recovery Crème, Nourishing Shampoo and 100% Pure Argan Oil, all free of drying alcohol and chemicals such as parabens, petroleum, sulfates, phthalates, PEG, glycerin, silicone, and artificial colors.

Drugs prescribed to restore hair growth have numerous side effects preventing many people from being able to use them safely. Benlhabib was determined to find a topical healthier alternative not only for men, but also women and children.

Marrák Hair Recovery Crème and Nourishing Shampoo have been tested on humans for safety and effectiveness, with no adverse reactions of any kind observed. Unlike other natural products with a limited shelf life, these have been proven to be stable for at least two years.

Actual hair recovery (regrowth) is dependent on an individual’s hair growth cycle. With daily use of Marrák Hair Recovery Crème, results may be visible as early as five to six weeks. Noticeable hair growth is seen within 12 weeks. Once users have reached full hair recovery only occasional use of the crème is necessary for continued maintenance. Individual results and length of treatment vary by severity of hair loss.

In addition to being an all-natural and organic hair recovery solution, the products bring added benefits to scalp and hair, including itch and dandruff remedy, inflammation relief, and keratin and collagen treatment. When using the shampoo, the first noticeable difference is it doesn’t lather as commercial ones do. Instead, it cleans and nourishes hair naturally, without the harsh chemicals that strip hair of its natural oils that must then be replaced with conditioner and other treatments.

In addition to promoting hair density, Marrák products add texture to limp hair and smooth frizz from curly hair. They add shine and alter the hair’s texture so eventually styling products become an option, not a necessity. Marrák 100% pure cosmetic-grade argan oil works on skin as well as hair, increasing hair’s shine and softness, and rejuvenating skin by restoring texture and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks.

States Benlhabib, “I really enjoy being able to use my varied scientific background in research to innovate and develop new natural and organic products and solutions from scratch. It’s very fulfilling to create products that I know help people, with no side effects, while also having less of an impact on the environment. What I enjoy more than anything is hearing feedback from individuals who have used our products and are overjoyed with the transformation to their hair.”

Ingredients for the crème and shampoo include wild-harvested plant extracts along with argan oil from Benlhabib’s homeland of Morocco where the argan tree is indigenous. Believing in ethical trade, the argan oil is sourced directly from women’s cooperatives in Morocco. It is hand-harvested from the tree, then cold-pressed—a process that retains the nut’s natural tocopherols (Vitamin E) and other antioxidants and fatty acids including Omega 3, 6 and 9. The remaining natural and organic ingredients are sourced in the U.S. The crème and shampoo are manufactured in the U.S. while the argan oil is manufactured in Morocco and bottled in the U.S. A portion of profits is donated to charity.

Marrák products are currently available online at and at some local retail stores, including Tao Natural Foods, Uptown Minneapolis and Blessings Salon, University Ave., St. Paul. Soon, MEB will expand to additional stores and salons in the Twin Cities and select venues nationwide.

Kate Hillenbrand is a freelance writer, certified holistic health coach and the owner of Gut Instincts by Kate.

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