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Letter from the Publisher

The holidays are upon us and there is a lot to be thankful for this year! As the new publishers of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities (NATC), we are very excited for this new venture and the opportunity to meet our readers, advertisers and partners. We would like to thank all of you for your continued support of this exceptional magazine, and to assure you we are committed to growing the publication with additional local content, business highlights and opportunities for our readers to become proactive members of our community. We are filled with ideas and want to get started immediately—while knowing we also have a lot to learn. Keep an eye out for expansions throughout 2018.

We want to offer a heartfelt thank you to Jackie Flaherty for her support, guidance and continued mentorship as we learn the ropes of magazine publishing. We fully expect to utilize her many talents to help us expand the magazine she has so lovingly nurtured for the past six years.

We decided to purchase NATC shortly after Jody, while traveling through Minneapolis, discovered it was for sale. We were so impressed with the content, design and caliber of advertisers, we immediately knew this was the opportunity for which we had been looking to become business partners. We see Natural Awakenings as the perfect platform for holistic, sustainable living as well as a key venue to form healthy working relationships. We are dedicated to our readers and intend to offer substantial content and services that add value to your healthy lifestyles and, to that end, we are committed to helping professionals promote their businesses and position themselves as both key local service providers and experts.

Meet Jody

I have spent the past 20 some years as a communication professor and corporate trainer specializing in effective interpersonal communication and conflict resolution skills. I had recently been asking, “How can I reach more people?” Soon after, I discovered Natural Awakenings Twin Cities and knew it was the answer. What better way to communicate than across a broader audience within a local context that supports people’s health and wellness! Life sure has a funny way of working things out. My dear friend Candi and I had been looking for a medium to share our interweaving skillsets and, as you can see, I think we found it.

Meet Candi

As a business advisor and coach, I’ve worked with dozens of entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft but need additional support to help grow their business. I am inspired by their tenacity, desire to learn and the service they provide to their customers and communities. My husband Michael and I have owned and operated an adult foster care home in Carlton County for the past 26 years, and we share our home with three people who are more family than clients. Our son Xander and his wife Emily work and live in the Twin Cities and enjoy spending time with our grand puppy, Jade.

We couldn’t be more excited to meet you and welcome you to contact us at and with any suggestions, comments or questions. It will surely be a pleasure to work with a community of people who want to add value to their lives and help one another thrive. We look forward to working with active community members and know we can all grow together. This is your magazine, so enjoy!

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