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Letter from the Publisher

February 2019

Atit Phetmuangtong

This Valentine’s Day, let’s rewrite what it means to be “in love”.

Ask yourself, is being in love just for people in a couple relationship or can it be expanded to include even more? This year, let’s expand what it means:

Fall in love with yourself – You are the embodiment of love, and loving yourself first opens you to share your love with others. No more judgement-it’s only fear in disguise. Know that everyone has doubts; everyone questions whether they are good enough, smart enough and pretty enough. We are; now let’s move on. It’s time to put forth our authentic selves.

Fall madly in love with your family – These days our lives are filled with to-do lists and expectations from all directions. It can be difficult to step back and enjoy the mini-moments that help us to connect on a truly deep level. Notice the loving glances, the funny smirks, the belly laughs and really let them sink into your being.

Fall in love with your life – Enjoy and express gratitude for each moment, even the ones that don’t turn out as you initially hoped they would. Be still and listen to what the Universe is sharing with you. Step into uncertainty and overcome the fear-doing so opens up beautiful opportunities.

Fall in love with society – Let’s not get distracted by the negativity that fills the news. We are more alike than we are different and, in general, we want the same things. Let’s demonstrate compassion, for all people, even those who have significantly differing views than we do. We all strive for connection, inclusion and to feel safe. Be that safe space for others; keep your eyes, ears and heart open.  

Will you join me in being the love we want to see in the world? Your love and compassion are so truly needed.

In love,

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