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Nourish Family Wellness Opens in New Brighton

Nourish Family Wellness (Nourish), opened in the summer of 2016 in the north metro, offers a wide range of wellness services for women and children. Begun with a vision by Dr. Elizabeth Berg, who has a passion caring for pregnant women and babies, of being an all-encompassing facility, the clinic offers chiropractic, craniosacral, massage, acupuncture, breastfeeding support, yoga, prenatal wellness and metabolic and nutritional health for people of all ages.

Nourish is a family-friendly wellness center focused on natural health care beginning with care for the mama-to-be while her baby is just a twinkle-in-the-eye. Berg explains, “Proper alignment and nutrition before and during pregnancy help a mama to feel better, enter motherhood healthy and can shorten her labor, based upon a study completed by Dr. Joan Fallon.”

Berg’s own experience as a pregnant mom who later struggled with breastfeeding due to low milk supply pushed her to pursue advanced training for Lactation, Spinning Babies, Craniosacral and Webster Technique Certification through the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association to help other moms feel better during pregnancy and nourish their babies with ease.

Nourish doesn’t just offer care during pregnancy. Along with Berg, Dr. Jillian Skluzacek specializes in the care of infants with breastfeeding difficulties due to lip or tongue tie, offering craniosacral and light touch care. Lyndsey Robinson works with mamas to help breastfeeding get off to a good start. Dr. Rachel Alioto provides naturopathic medicine utilizing a unique blend of homeopathy, muscle testing, functional medicine and lifestyle recommendations to help increase energy and focus for women. Kari Michalski runs Thrive Midwives, a homebirth practice. Crystal Harris is a yoga instructor offering practice for families, relaxation, strength and focus. Britta Scanlon, a childcare provider with a degree in Early Elementary Education, blows bubbles, sings songs and reads stories to the kids, enriching them while moms relax and pursue their health.

Berg had another vision with Nourish, and that was to provide her staff of mostly working moms with free onsite childcare. “It’s hard enough being a working mom,” Berg expresses, “so I wanted to create a model that I wish more businesses would adopt—a family-friendly work environment. It’s not always quiet, but it sure provides a lot of joy and eases the stresses of motherhood.”

Location: 525 Main St., Ste. 200, New Brighton. For more information, call 651-797-4822 or visit

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