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Letter from the Publishers

Dr. Jody Janati (L) and Candi Broeffle (R)

Dr. Jody Janati (L) and Candi Broeffle (R)

We live in a time where we have more access to all manner of foods and spices than ever before. Online stores, specialty shops and even grocery stores offer us the chance to try food options we have never come across until now.

This month, we are excited to “dish” on ethnic cuisine and super spices. We encourage our readers to spice up their lives and experiment with more exotic food choices.

During the colder months, we tend to savor food a little more and use it to find comfort and make our surroundings more inviting. Warm, sultry foods and hot, spicy drinks often make the list and we seem more open to diverse flavors. Taste and smell are closely related and both can offer us memorable experiences with friends and family. Did you know that smell is the number one catalyst linked to memory? This means, you may not remember your great aunt Bertha, but you will remember how her house smelled during a particular holiday.

It makes sense why some realtors ask you to bake something when there is to be a house showing—to make your house more “homey” for potential buyers. In a sense, our olfactory system gives us an opportunity to create smell/taste memories with the people around us. Think back to your most desirable holiday or family food favorites; what foods stand out the most for you? Are you continuing these traditions with your family or perhaps making new food memories?

Cinnamon can coincide with many winter memories. Try combining equal portions of cinnamon and applesauce to create a robust smelling dough. Roll it out, cut shapes with cookie cutters and punch a hole in them with a straw. From there, simply let them air dry and they will bond together into ornaments to hang in your house or to offer to others. Adults and children alike will enjoy the activity and remember the fun winter smell, and you will find that this project is also pet-friendly.

What foods and spices add flavor to your life? Our Facebook question this month is: In what interesting and creative ways do you use your favorite spices? Please visit us as and join the discussion. We would love to hear successful tips from our readers.

Our point to ponder this month reminds us, “Variety is the spice of life”—so get out there and grab a dash of flavor for your day!

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