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Letter from the Publisher

Candi Broeffle, Publisher

Candi Broeffle, Publisher

This month as I was considering the cover for magazine, I came across the one I ultimately chose for this issue. I chose it because of how much it resembled my grand puppy Jade, whose picture is below. That mischievous look, the happy tail, and those ears! Is it just me, or do you see the resemblance as well?

Jade is the pride and joy of her parents, Xander and Emily, my son and daughter-in-law. Along with her adopted dog brother CJ, she brings so much happiness and love into their lives. Pets give us a sense of purpose, unconditional love and a reason to get up in the morning—in Jade’s case, very early in the morning.

She is a bit skittish and has a bark that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. She is also highly intelligent as you can tell by the way she looks at you and how quickly she picks up the training her parents provide. She has certainly been a welcome addition in her parents’ lives and the lives of the people who love them. You can even follow her on her Instagram! @JadeThePupper.

This month’s focus is on natural approaches to allergy relief for yourself, your children and your pets. There are several excellent articles, including one especially for pets. Author Sandra Murphy shares the symptoms you can watch for and simple steps you can take to provide relief.

Local author Michele Schramm introduces us to “dirty genes” and how they can impact allergies. This information will no doubt provide insight to many who have long suffered with no answers as to the causes of their allergies. The path to better health may just be an article away.

Wishing you wellness,

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A Technical Breakdown to Allergies:

The Western world of medicine will share that allergies are 100 percent physical and relief can only be received through medication. Western medicine will share that there are no cures for allergies, but will prescribe medicine a person can take to avoid or lessen the episode from occurring. Although this mindset works for some, there are many of us awakening to the fact that there is something more happening—something deeper.