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Letter from the Publisher

This month will see the fruition of months of planning as Your Shining Life Expo takes place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Sunday, October 8. I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I hope you’ll be there!

In the six years that I’ve been publishing Natural Awakenings, I’ve met so many talented and passionate people and practitioners. Part of the impetus to create the expo was to bring together many of these people who I get to meet and work with in the capacity of publishing this magazine. I want to share who they are and what they do with all of our readers as well as the entire Twin Cities’ community.

I have had the pleasure of visiting some of these exhibitors as a client, attending classes or workshops to enhance my life; working one-on-one with some to remove a limitation or add a missing element; and overall to learn, grow, remove pain and expand.

Amy Nesdahl helps heal childhood wounds with her reiki and massage.

Jennifer Salness shares her knowledge of gems and stones as well as her inner wisdom.

Annette Rugolo shares stories of how she has helped people, including children, overcome health issues and change the energy of their home and property through dousing (it’s amazing).

Dawn Stebbing educates and empowers women to become more confident.

Dr. Shanna Miller helps get to the root cause of physical and emotional issues.

Dr. Una Forde is truly a gentle chiropractor who utilizes adjustments, kinesiology, essential oils and acupuncture to help the body work at its optimal level.

Theodore Rick uses reflexology, massage and Active Isolated Stretching to help the body heal.

SchaOn Blodgett shares his vast knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine, healing and caring.

Warren King with his multiple skills intuitively works to find the underlying causes that can block a person’s ideal health.

Laurie Wondra is a shaman and intuitive with truly astounding gifts. She will share her sound healing in a special room at the expo.

Nea Clare helps her clients awaken to their own Divinity.

Cindy Miller offers a variety of massage techniques that help a person relax and melt right into the table.

Cheryl Downey offers warmth and wisdom to help people organically heal through change and grief. Every time I’m around her, my soul expands. I can’t explain it; it just does.

Dr. Madelyn Pearson, DDS and her team at Natural Smiles Dental Care impress me with their caring and gentle cleanings and exams every single time I go there.

And the best part? They will all be participating at the expo.

They’re not the only ones. Check out the special expo insert on pages 21-27 listing all of our exhibitors, speakers and topics. Plan your day accordingly.

I hope to see you there!

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