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Discover Your Life Purpose without Being Religious

Nov 30, 2021 08:00PM ● By Barbara Brodsho

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Many are asking why souls choose to inhabit a physical body and experience life here on planet Earth. There are probably as many answers to this question as there are people. One perspective to consider is that souls, with the assistance of the spiritual realm, create intentions for what they want to accomplish in this lifetime prior to their birth. Consider the possibility that the Creator has designed people to carry their soul’s longings and intentions along with the power to manifest them energetically in their bodies. These longings lead them through their lives.

A definition of one life purpose is “for souls to come to know themselves better as divine beings.” One way they can do that is to experience many different types of life events and circumstances. The soul can choose to experience both the positive and negative aspects of these life events and circumstances in order to learn from them. They provide the soul with an opportunity to feel a broad range of emotions and to become consciously aware of the thoughts and beliefs they have formed as a result. Through a process of self-discovery and conscious awareness, the soul has the opportunity to develop the qualities it has chosen for this lifetime, such as compassion, understanding, tolerance or forgiveness.

From this perspective, even the deepest pain people experience can be utilized to fulfill the purpose of getting to know themselves better. Life’s challenges, wounds and illnesses can help people to develop their soul’s chosen qualities. They can tap into their soul’s innate gifts to heal and transform themselves. As they heal this pain in themselves, they develop the qualities their souls need to help facilitate the process of healing in others.

Discovering the Soul’s Innate Gifts or Chosen Qualities

There is an energetic recording of how each soul was created from the moment of inception through eternity that contains all information about each soul’s journey. It can be accessed through the soul’s Akashic Record. It also contains the life lessons or qualities that the soul wants to experiment with in this lifetime, what their long-term vision is for their lives, and how they are designed to manifest the outcomes they desire. If there are thoughts or emotions that are inhibiting them, they can identify and then release the negative energy related to them so that they can accomplish what they have set out to do. The more spiritually awakened they become, the more they can make conscious choices to bring themselves into greater alignment with their divine nature.

This holistic, comprehensive, soul-based approach can be used to make informed decisions about how to move forward with their lives. It provides the tools and resources to create a vision for what they want to accomplish in their lives. It is based on their soul’s longings and intentions and how they are uniquely designed to manifest their dreams.

With this approach, they come to know their divine nature in a more personalized way. They utilize their innate gifts to heal their deepest pain, and in turn, to help heal the world in their own unique way. They are empowered to make a positive impact in the lives of others so that they can live their purpose and thrive.

If you’d like to learn more, register for a free webinar on “Your Soul’s Wisdom: How to Discover and Fulfill Your Life Purpose without Being Religious.”

©Barbara Brodsho

 Barbara Brodsho is a soul purpose coach and holistic healer who empowers highly conscious spiritual seekers, creators and leaders to express their soul’s innate gifts and understand their life experiences from their soul’s perspective. As a result, they experience greater joy, abundance and fulfillment while creating and living passionate, purpose-filled lives. She has a master’s degree in theology and certifications in spiritual direction, energy medicine and soul-level healing using the Akashic Records. To learn more, visit


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