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Barbara Brodsho, MA: Soul Purpose Coach & Holistic Healer

Barbara Brodsho provides spiritual guidance to help you live your purpose and thrive, utilizing your soul’s Akashic Record. Discover and express your soul’s innate gifts, so that you can confidently and courageously share them with the world. 

Brodsho can help you create a vocation or business that aligns with your soul’s passion and purpose, or gain new perspective, clarity and insight about your life’s challenges by understanding the life lessons your soul chooses to experience. You will identify and clear the root cause of issues or recurring patterns that sabotage you or your relationships. 

Brodsho offers several consultations to meet your needs. Some examples include:

  • Soul Realignment Consultation – to address issues that block you from connecting with your gifts and using them in a fulfilling way either in a paid position, as a volunteer, or in retirement. Best utilized when you feel your creative energy is blocked, you are not living a purpose-filled life, or when you are unable to manifest the outcomes you want for your life.

  • Relationship Consultation - to gain new insights and perspectives on a relationship with a key person in your life and address issues that block you from being at peace in that relationship. Best utilized when you feel blocked from being able to find a partner with whom you can share your life in a mutual, healthy, fulfilling manner, and when you want to set healthier boundaries in a relationship and stop exhausting yourself from trying to save or fix the other person.

  • Life Situation Consultation - to address issues that are contributing to mental, emotional, spiritual or physical health issues and then release the beliefs or emotions creating the blockages. Best utilized if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, worry, fear, shame, guilt, trauma, grief and loss; physical exhaustion; chronic health issues; spiritual disconnection; existential crisis; poor self- or body-image, low self-esteem or self-worth, self-doubt; or lack of financial prosperity or abundance.

For more information and to schedule a free Discovery Session, visit To make an appointment, call 612-444-9751 or email [email protected].

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Barbara Brodsho MA

Soul Purpose Coach & Holistic Healer - , Minneapolis-St Paul, MN

Providing spiritual guidance to help live your purpose and thrive utilizing your soul’s Akashic Record. Discover your soul’s innate gifts, create a vocation that aligns with your soul’s p... Read More » 


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