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Your Garden May Be Stressed Out


If it is difficult to grow vegetables in the garden, or the trees and plants in the yard look tired and stressed, it may not be from lack of a green thumb. It could be geopathic stress that is keeping the plants from thriving.

Geopathic stress occurs when the natural energy vibrations emanating from the Earth’s core are interrupted. This vibrational energy supports all living things on Earth. When the natural, supportive energy of the Earth is interrupted, the resulting stress can impact the health of everything living in a yard and garden. The two main causes of geopathic stress are fault lines and underground water currents, the latter which also includes underground aquafers.

The impact of geopathic stress can sometimes be seen on the surface in the form of cracks on walls or the ground—even in concrete—and breaks in plant growth such as tree lines or shrubs, where one tree or shrub is dying or is much shorter than the surrounding ones.

The amount and flow of water in the earth determines the intensity of the geopathic stress. For instance, a large river of water will have an immediate impact and be felt more strongly than a small stream or trickle of water. Rivers as much as two miles deep can have a tremendous geopathic influence.

“Before I learned how to dowse, our house felt like a thoroughfare for spiders,” explains Annette Rugolo, Master Diamond Dowser and environmental healer. “I was reluctant to kill them so would diligently carry them outside each time I found one. What I learned in a dowsing class was that certain insects travel these geopathic stress lines and are indifferent to the fact that the lines travel through our homes.”

When dowsing her own home, Rugolo found five geopathic stress lines crisscrossing the entire house and diligently cured each one, curious to see if her days of carrying out spiders would be over. “To my delight, the spiders disappeared. I didn’t realize this until a few weeks later when I came across the container that I had used to carry them out—I hadn’t touched it since I dowsed my house,” she explains.

The insects that travel geopathic stress lines are ants, spiders and mosquitoes. This is similar to the way migrating birds follow the ley lines of the Earth to find their way. If a stress line happens to go through a garden or home, these insects may be drawn inside simply because they are following this line. “One of my students was constantly battling ants that would come through her kitchen window and fill her countertops,” shares Rugolo. “After taking my dowsing class, she was excited to go home and see if there was a geopathic stress line coming through her kitchen window. She did, in fact, find a stress line there, and after she cured it, the ants never bothered her again.”

Mosquitoes also love geopathic stress lines. “If you are sitting outside and are bothered by mosquitoes, try moving to another place,” Rugolo suggests. “I always find it interesting when a group of people is sitting outside and only one person is getting bit while everyone else is fine. In this situation, that person may be sitting on a geopathic stress line.”

We can continue looking for signs by inspecting the concrete sidewalks, driveway and foundation of our home as some geopathic stress lines can actually create cracks in concrete and the foundation. “In one home I dowsed, I found a geopathic stress line going through the corner of the home. I also noticed that the brick and mortar exterior of the home had started to crumble and deteriorate at that point,” explains Rugolo. “When I shared how geopathic stress lines can weaken concrete foundations, my client shared that she and her husband had needed to repair that corner of the house three times in the ten years they had lived there.”

Geopathic stress lines can create cracks in both the exterior and interior walls of the home. Of course, cracks may be caused by other factors such as settling, poor soil or poor drainage. However, the effects can be exacerbated by the geopathic stress lines running beneath the house.

Other indicators of geopathic stress include certain kinds of trees that love it. Like insects that are attracted to these lines, evergreens, willows and holly trees have taken on the job of absorbing the stressful energy of these lines. Located thusly, they can grow very fast and quickly double in size.

Although evergreens, willows and holly thrive in this energy, other types of vegetation will not fare as well. For example, a geopathic stress line may result in certain types of trees dying off and needing to be removed. If there have been different varieties of trees planted in a particular area of the yard and all of them have died, seek an expert to see if there is indeed a geopathic stress line that needs to be cured. 

Our ancestors knew about geopathic stress lines hundreds and even thousands of years ago. They knew where they were located and avoided building their homes and gardens on those areas. Nowadays, we have cures for these stress lines so we don’t have to move or replant. Knowing about them and looking for their signs in our yards and gardens will help us to understand why some areas flourish while other areas look stressed, the latter for which there is a cure.


Annette Rugolo ©

 Annette Rugolo is a master dowser who assesses her clients’ homes and land for geopathic stress lines that can be easily cured with a technique known as Diamond Dowsing.  To learn more, visit


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