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New Organ is Really Old News

In late March, the science world announced the discovery of a new organ. Called the interstitium, it has garnered a fair amount of recent press. For practitioners of John F. Barnes Myofascial Release and many others, this is old news. It is exciting to have the recognition, for sure. Fascia is found throughout the body—under the skin, around all organs, around and within muscles and at every joint. Its prevalence in the body means it matters in your health and wellbeing.

The reports claim this “new organ” may play a role in spreading cancer, affecting lymph flow and other medical matters. The current “discovery” is largely related to the realization by particular physicians that the system they thought was simply dense collagen is, in fact, a fluid-filled system of connective tissue throughout the body. And when this system is constricted by physical or emotional trauma, ill health develops.

Researchers and practitioners specializing in fascia have been meeting since 2015 internationally to discuss the latest research and treatment. John F. Barnes has been treating patients and instructing practitioners on fascial release for more than 40 years.

There is a benefit to all this fresh news about this new organ. It highlights again the importance and value of attending to this connective web throughout your body. Relieving restrictions in this system helps a host of health issues, including chronic pain, restricted motion, fibromyalgia, anxiety and others.

Barb Ryan, LMT practices John Barnes Myofascial Release. For more information and appointment, call 612-922-2389 or email Mention this Health Brief and receive 10 percent off first visit. 

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