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Taj Kinesiotherapy

Healing Taj

Theodore Rick, owner of Healing Taj–Holistic Stretching and Massage, has added a new therapy. He developed Taj Kinesiotherapy (Taj K), a therapeutic and relaxing technique that integrates the body's most powerful energy centers, reflex points and fascia with the central nervous system. Instead of working only on a person’s body, Taj K works with the body and mind to create a more powerful and lasting session.

Rick began his massage therapy practice more than 15 years ago and has studied and practiced around the world. He trained in Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage and Reflexology at Sister Rosalind, and Active Isolated Stretching with its founder, Aaron Mattes. He has studied Shiatsu, myofascial therapy, acupressure, gua sha, cupping and many other natural healing methods, most recently Thai Massage at CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School. As a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT), Rick is continually looking to broaden his skills and connect deeper  with his clients.

In addition to years of experience working with clients, Rick brings to the table the use of pulse testing which creates a highly customized session for each client and may include a variety of modalities and massage techniques. Pulse testing is a form of kinesiology where the practitioner checks in with the client’s body asking for confirmation of a therapy or movement or something else that wants to be known.

Rick’s services also combine a unique sound therapy that includes a Tibetan singing bowl, chimes, Indian santoor music and meditative harmonization. This unique combination can help patients enter a state of peace and calm, further relaxing the muscles and tissue.

Benefits of the unique healing method Taj K include enhanced athletic performance, quick injury recovery, improved lymphatic and meridian flow, alleviation of muscle soreness, pain reduction, injury prevention, reduced muscle spasms, increased chi flow, improved breathing, ease of movement, improved posture and improved range of motion.

Rick offers a comfortable 6’ x 8’ cushioned floor mat with optional far infrared heat where clients can lie down or they can choose to lie on the traditional massage table. 

With the Taj K method, as with Thai or Shiatsu massage, clients remain fully clothed. Thai and Shiatsu massage are different from traditional massage, such as Swedish, as the client lies on the floor. In Taj K, the client may sometimes participate more actively in the session.

New clients begin by completing an intake form and discussing with Rick what their issues are as well as the goals they have when they begin this custom-designed therapy. He charges $20 for the initial 30-minute intake session which is donated to a local charity.

Location: International Village Professional Bldg., 220 W. 98th St., Ste. 7, Bloomington. For more information, call 952-922-1478 or visit

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