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Thunder and Fireworks Solutions for Pets

Alina Hornfeldt


If your pet gets anxious or afraid during thunderstorms or fireworks, they may pant, pace, drool, hide or exhibit even more extreme behavior. This can be frustrating and concerning for pet owners. As our companions, we want the very best for them and feel terrible when they are uncomfortable and scared.

Some pets are more sensitive to electromagnetic changes in the atmosphere and may become restless and anxious even before a storm has arrived. They may associate thunder and other loud noises with these uncomfortable feelings and react beyond their control. Since stopping the weather is not an option, here are some ideas to help you and your pet have a happier, healthy summer.

One option is a fitted calming jacket that comes in different sizes to fit all breeds of dogs. The garment is designed to give gentle, constant pressure for a dramatic calming effect. Surveys from pet owners who have used the product indicate that the dogs show significant improvement in symptoms when wearing the jacket.

Another choice is a homeopathic oral remedy that is non-sedating and safe for all types of animals. There are no side effects and it can be mixed in your pet’s water dish. It is fast-acting and can be used in conjunction with a calming jacket.

The final option you may have to consider in the case of fireworks or other human-made sounds is taking your pet away from the noise. You may decide it is best to take your pet to stay somewhere else during the Fourth of July weekend and avoid the hours-long celebration that can occur in some neighborhoods.

If you have a pet that suffers with anxiety from storms and loud noises, one or more of these options can provide relief for both of you. Our pets count on us to take good care of them, so it’s worth trying everything we can to keep them safe and happy.

Alina Hornfeldt is marketing manager at Mastel’s. Find her work at

Mastel’s is located at 1526 St. Clair Ave., St. Paul. For more information, call 651-690-1692 or visit

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