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Pregnancy: The Welcoming of the Soul

Warren King

Warren King

Pregnancy is probably one of the most amazing things that can happen on a planet. Just think, everyone that has come to this Earth has entered into someone else’s lower abdomen, starting as a microscopic dot, floating upside down in complete darkness for months, then entering into the bright light of the world.

It’s generally suggested while pregnant, and for some time prior, it is good to eat clean, nutritious foods and avoid toxins as much as possible. Organic is essential for most of the foods as there is little to no pesticide residue. Ideally, foods should be cooked from scratch; eat whole grains if tolerated, lots of vegetables, some fruit, nuts, seeds and sea vegetables. If you’re more vegetarian, add beans and legumes; if you eat animal foods, include more wild fish and organic poultry and eggs. Try to avoid pork and red meat.

Dairy depends on the individual but the best is non-sweetened kefir or yogurt. If cheese is desired, then goat is better than cow. Sugar should be avoided. If fruit is not enough sweetness, add occasional honey, maple syrup or brown rice syrup. Avoid low quality oils like soy, corn, cottonseed and canola. The best oils are usually olive and coconut. It’s good to have vitamin D levels checked and aim for a 50-80 ng/ml reading. It’s also recommended to take a good prenatal, folic acid and DHA from fish for brain development.

Once you have these basics, don’t focus so much on the physical but more on the emotional and spiritual levels. This is not just a baby. It is another soul. While developing in you, it will feel all your stress and emotions. It takes discipline to be joyous and centered. You may want to fast from television and not watch or read the news. Meditate on beauty and nature and what is good in the world. Try to tune into the soul of your child, visualize it surrounded and full of light and don’t fear about its health. Let dad put his hands on the belly and speak or sing to the child so that his voice and presence become well known and trusted.

Often the mother (and sometimes the father) will get the name of the child in the dream state. Don’t worry about what the sex will be—it is a gift either way—and whatever the guiding intelligence brings you, that’s what is best. The child will try to choose the best timing for birth, so in most cases it is best not to induce or schedule a birth but allow it to proceed as the Spirit guides it.

It is often helpful to have a midwife as the main birth helper as they have more time and will not rush into heroics so quickly, like C-sections. They have the intuition and experience to guide the child out as smoothly as possible and they offer a less medical feeling for the birth, which is not a disease. Everyone has entered birth this way for millions of years.

Try to have as much time as possible after the birth for quiet snuggling and plenty of wonderful and perfect breast milk. This is all the child needs for nutrition the first six months. You have been blessed to be chosen to sponsor another soul to enter this plane.  Give all the love and nurturing you can and enjoy the ride!

Warren King, L.Ac. is a natural healer with 25 years’ experience and over 10,000 patients. He uses many modalities including Oriental Medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, laboratory testing and Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy to get at the root cause of health issues. He has launched his own children, now ages 21 and 23, and feels that raising healthy and extraordinary children is the most important work one can do to save this planet.

For more information and contact, call 952-930-3575, email and/or visit

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