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Love Your Lymph for a Healthy Immune System


The lymphatic system carries out an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system. The vast network of tiny vessels, nodes and the spleen that lie just under the skin make up the lymphatic system. Its primary function is to isolate infection, toxins and debris and transport them through filtration points known as lymph nodes. The lymph system functions as a crucial player in the body’s ability to ward off disease and heal by generating and storing white blood cells that fight infection.

Lymph fluid is like a river, and if it gets blocked due to illness, surgery, toxic waste overload, tight clothing or lack of activity, this fluid backs up. Extreme blockage can cause inflammation, pain, fatigue, headaches, cramping, fibromyalgia, depression or other symptoms. The primary means for the lymph to circulate and drain toxins from the body include muscle contraction—as in the diaphragm with deep breathing, and manual manipulation as in massage.

The body relies on the circulatory system to supply it with needed nutrients and remove waste. Part of the blood escapes from the capillaries and becomes lymph fluid. The body needs plenty of quality water for the lymphatic system to function optimally. There is twice as much lymph fluid in the body as blood, and the lymph continuously bathes each cell. Much of the vascular fluid, waste and all infection are picked up by the tiny lymph vessels, filtered and drained away before they can travel to other parts of the body. Love your lymph with beneficial practices for a healthy immune system.

Human breasts contain many lymphatic vessels and nodes that need palpation to fulfill their purpose of detoxification. Statistics show that 90 percent of breast lumps are benign. A gentle lymphatic breast self-massage is an effective way to move the lymph in the breast area and under the arms. Use a light touch, stretching and releasing, moving the skin with a pumping action.

Before you massage your breasts, you can stimulate the lymphatic system with gentle strokes downward on the neck to the collar bone. Next, stretch the skin from the shoulder to the middle of the clavicle. Then gently massage/stretch the skin on the arm toward the armpit. Simply hold it until any tenderness disappears or you can feel the lymph moving.

Start the breast massage by cupping one hand under the breast. Then, with a flat hand on the top of the breast, gently stretch and release the skin with an upward motion. Stroke towards the outside of the body, then towards the center of the body. Stretch each direction six to 10 times. Lastly, stretch the skin away from the nipples all around the breast, and then finish by “beeping the horn” by pressing the nipple with a flat hand a few times. The more pleasure and love you give your breasts, the more health you give your immune system.

Thomas Hudson, M.D., radiologist and breast imaging specialist, says, “The key to good health and cancer prevention lies more in your hands than you might think.” His book, Journey to Hope, focuses on self-care which the traditional medical system cannot do for you. Self-care means to learn all you can, love your body like it is the only one you have, and reap the rewards of a healthy immune system.

Joyce Sobotta has a Bachelor of Science in education and certifications in holistic aromatherapy and reflexology. She is the founder/owner of Healthy Girls Breast Oil, a home-based international business. She is available for presentations, consultations and essential oil classes. For more info, visit

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