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Transformational Weekend Experience with Nea Clare

Nea Clare

Nea Clare

Nea Clare, channel of Divine Wisdom, is hosting a new transformational weekend experience called Flying Lessons: Overcoming Your Fear of Gravity, November 3 to 6, in Beaver Bay, Minnesota.

"This has been a year of new, unprecedented experiences and transformation. Many people are feeling ready to take bold actions in their lives," says Clare. The Flying Lessons workshop is designed to create the knowledge, support and capabilities to summon the willingness to allow people to step boldly into their dream. This workshop is for those who have been standing on the edge of their dreams ready to dive in, but feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about whether they can really do it.

This year has been one of tremendous and unprecedented change in our world, in our country, our communities and, of course, in our own lives," says Clare. "It is time for bold action and to learn that you can fly!”

Over the last few months, Clare has been receiving messages from her guides indicating that there is powerful energetic support for forward action and it is important to learn how to use this energy as momentum for what we want to create. The Flying Lessons workshop has been co-created with these masters to help people overcome the gravity of their thoughts, fears and doubts and provide them with the courage, skills and magic they need to take flight.

“In Flying Lessons, we will unlock the powers of imagination, passion and faith to develop your ability to actively create a life you love,” explains Clare. Participants will have the opportunity to partake in guided meditations, energetic attunements and experiential activities. The workshop is co-created with Spirit to support attendees in stepping out in faith toward their dream. Some of the topics to be addressed include the weight and inertia of fear, doubt and worry and the physics required for flight: lift, drag and thrust.

Clare is an experienced group facilitator, transformational life coach and retreat leader. Attendees from her recent Sound of Your Soul retreat shared that the work was transformational and life-changing and many have taken bold, powerful actions in their lives because of their experience.

Cost: $555/per person. Use code: ICANFLY to save $55 when registering. Meals included. Lodging separate. Discounted rooms available. Location: Cove Point Lodge, Beaver Bay, WI. For more information and registration, visit

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