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Energy Medicine for Enduring Health

What a concept! To defy aging. Is it even possible? The process starts at birth, yet we only wake up to its effects on our lives as we pass 40 at least. Then we start to look for the lotions and potions, surgeries, injections, exercises and even lifestyle changes to halt the process as much as possible or at least cover it up.

It has been said that the concept of aging is in the mind. Most certainly it is a perspective as well as the way our body conceives it. If your mantra about aging is “getting old is not for sissies,” aging will feel like a battleground. If your mantra is “grateful to be able to get older and share my wisdom” even on an achy day, there will be an element of joy in the process.

As we age, self-image, especially body image, can feel threatened as things begin to sag and joints complain; it can create a feeling of “I’m going downhill.” How our parents perceived aging and certainly how our culture perceives it feed into our own self-image and concept of what aging looks like. No matter what is going on in our bodies, how we perceive our aging process is key to living fully in the midst of it.

Energy therapy can help in our perspective about aging and in the process itself. Because energy is vibration and goes where it needs to go and does what it needs to do, perspective often begins to change even on the first experience of energy therapy. It softens the weight of condemnation by self or culture. In time, over successive sessions, greater self-love comes into play, and self-love is the game changer whether you are healthy or ill.

Love is the highest energy and that’s what is used in all energy therapy. Love is part of universal energy. It eases pain either real or perceived and heightens awareness of the beauty of life by changing the perception about the difficulties we may be going through. An angry, bitter patient with leukemia comes out of his energy nap to say, “My whole perspective has changed about what is happening!” Cured? No. Healed? Most definitely.

All energy therapy helps us to “let go” as it is the great releaser. The healing vibration goes to the source. Aging is not only a physical process but mental as well. If you are carrying baggage of regrets or self-hatred, it will age you quite quickly. Even current habits of anxiety about aging can contribute to our perception. It can take people down the rabbit hole of not feeling they deserve to be well.

Interestingly, indigenous healers understand very well the letting go process as part of healing. They use rituals with stones, eggs or lemons that sweep the accumulated energy effects off the outside of the body biofield while giving the mind space to release what no longer serves the self-image and concepts of aging. Holding on to the past can make aging very difficult and create aches and pains and disease that do not need to be there.

Lifestyle changes like clean eating, moving and connecting to community help a great deal, but also consider energy therapy to support and heal at all levels, making your journey one of joy rather than pain—aging gracefully, indeed.


Christina Gregory is a Reiki master and healing touch practitioner at the Bhakti Wellness Center, in Edina. Try energy therapy yourself with a $50 introductory session by calling 612-839-5255 to set an appointment. For more information, visit See ad, page 15.

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