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Medicine Buddha Dharma Class Now Open

Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Association is pleased to announce the next Medicine Buddha Empowerment and Dharma Teaching will be held from 1 to 5 p.m., October 27, at their facility in Little Canada. The teaching of Medicine Buddha Dharma by the Chinese Mystery School (Hanmi Buddhism) is a unique opportunity for all those with destiny to become healers of themselves and others.

Charlotte Steen, abbotess and teacher in the Hanmi Buddhist lineage, shares, “One of my own Medicine Buddha healing stories is from 2008, when the car I was driving was rear-ended with such force that the trunk was crushed in. I walked away with little outward damage, but later a medical intuitive told me there was something wrong near my kidneys. The MRI confirmed that there were two large spots where none should be. I kept practicing Medicine Buddha daily, determined to see if I could heal it myself. The ultrasound went on for quite some time. When I asked why, the technicians revealed that they were unable to locate any sign of what had been in the MRI. The two spots were no longer there.”

Medicine Buddha is known throughout the East as spiritual practices that can offer practical healing efficacy to people’s physical, mental and emotional suffering. Medicine Buddha was a healer who traveled far and wide to heal people. This practice comes from him and has been tested throughout the ages. During the practice, one can awaken and find they are becoming healthier and less likely to fall sick while also being able to begin to help others, relieving them of their suffering.

Importantly, the Chinese Mystery School’s Medicine Buddha practice requires the student to receive an empowerment through an abhis’eka which serves to connect the student to the Enlightened Masters in the lineage who will assist them in their practice.

A full and rich dharma teaching, Medicine Buddha teaches students the meditation practice for self-healing, health-strengthening and spiritual growth—all in one meditation. Along with this meditation practice, students also learn Chinese Mystery School techniques for purifying food, water and air. Then, students learn the Medicine Buddha healing technique for serious illnesses, such as AIDS, cancer, SARS and more.

Location: 80 County Rd. C West, Ste. 804, Little Canada. All students must pre-book by October 21 at For more information, email [email protected]. See ad, page 29.


Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Association - Little Canada, MN

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