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Additional Exhibitors - YSLE2019

Additional Exhibitors

Aero Dance Fitness

Robin Gast
612-276-5625, [email protected]

Aero Dance Fitness offers GROOVE Movement classes, a fun, simple and exciting way to experience dance fitness that nurtures body, mind, heart and soul. A certified facilitator gives you basic choreography and you make each movement your own, even sitting in a chair. Classes use all genres of music and include dance, stretching and a brief meditation. No dance experience required. All fitness levels wanted!

Yes, you can dance! No, you don’t have two left feet. You could dance before you could walk, someone just convinced you that you couldn’t. No one’s watching. Just let yourself dance and your body will get what it needs!

The 5 GROOVE Truths:

• No one cares what you look like.

• Your way is the right way.

• No one can do it for you.

• You should look different.

• These are all just great ideas until you put them into action.




BHVCharities - Brett Hack Vasculitis Charities

Terry Hack
612-849-4477, [email protected]

BHVC is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote public awareness of vasculitis, financially assist and mentor vasculitis patients in need, and provide funding for research. Vasculitis is an autoimmune disease causing blood vessels to get inflamed, and either decreasing blood flow to vital organs or causing blood vessels to rupture, resulting in internal bleeding. Very difficult to diagnose with no known cure, symptoms can be severe headaches, extreme fatigue, joint pain, sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, body rash, skin ulcers, numbness and weakness in legs, feet, arms and hands and distorted vision. If symptoms keep recurring or don't go away, it can be a sign of something more serious. Early diagnosis saves lives. Medical treatment can cause patients to go into remission, however, they are at high risk for infections that can cause a flare in their disease. We are working to promise a better future for vasculitis patients.




Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi

9672 63rd Ave. N, Maple Grove
Hong Young Kim
914-708-9463, [email protected]

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi helps you to energize your mind, body and spirit with a unique  system of a holistic yoga, Tai Chi, breathwork and energy meditation. During this expo, we will offer Aura Readings which tell you stress level, energy balance, vitality level and more. Also, we will give special membership discount. Books, special healing tools will be provided. You can experience BHP (Brain Healing Point) and Belly Button Healing.



Brenda's Intuitive Tarot Readings

I have been an intuitive tarot reader for 12 years. I am very honest and up-front not only with what I am seeing in the cards, but what I am feeling as well. The true meanings of the cards solely depend on the information for which you are looking. I express this information with complete tact and tender loving care. I have done my readings in a boutique and at expos with great success and my clients have left very happy.



Cadence Chiropractic

6409 City W. Pkwy., Ste. 105, Eden Prairie
Amanda Haeg
952-212-3770, [email protected]

At Cadence Chiropractic, we utilize state-of-the-art objective tools to evaluate the health and motion of your spine in order to be SPECIFIC in correcting only the areas of your spine which need help—without the use of twisting or cracking. We refuse to guess when it comes to your health!



Club SparkleMN

Kelly Rogers
952-470-7336, [email protected]

Club Sparkle is a unique wellness company, new from Japan. Their products are like no others you've experienced, with a spiritual twist—an applied kinesiology measurement of 960! Introduced in Minnesota by a well-known psychic. Absorbing at nearly 100 percent, healing from the inside-out, we've seen results within days. If you are looking for a way to feel more energy, reduce your pain, or just feel better every day, you'll want to check these out. They are safe for children and animals—organic, natural, vegetarian and approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health.

We've seen reduced pain for those with fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme, arthritis and inflammation.  Clinical studies show how they remove excess free radicals (cancer cells) and I've had suspect cancer skin spots heal within months. They also have an ORAC value of over 144,000. Stop by for a sample and more information.




Crystal Rock Healing, LLC

4399 Lake Ave. S., White Bear Lake
Cindy Schmitz
612-202-7803, [email protected]

We are a full-line metaphysical store. Our amazing line includes large and small rocks and crystals; a huge array of incense, including Palo Santo and sages; and our handmade natural stone jewelry and essential oil products.


Face2Face Skincare & Makeup Studio

1935 County Rd. B2 W, Ste. 450, Roseville
Cynthia Kretschmar
651-484-1002, [email protected]

Your skin wants to be healthy. Continual restoration is its natural function. Natural products and gentle professional procedures work with your skin to help it do what it wants to do naturally. Harsh products and techniques can force the skin to respond outside of its natural rhythms and processes; these can produce short-term results but can also lead to long-term damage. There's no need to force the skin to do what it wants to do naturally.

After decades of work in the skincare industry and using a vast array of products, Face2Face knows what works and what doesn't. The services and products that we use on your skin are well researched and produce results! They were carefully selected from an enormous array of options. All services and products are simply the best for longterm skin health and helping your skin age gracefully. The Face2Face way is healthy skin, beautiful skin...naturally!




Grace Love Light LLC

11417 Hanson Blvd. NW, Coon Rapids
Camille Bernards
612-599-1931, [email protected]

Quantum Touch Energy  Healing: A method of natural healing that works with the life-force energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. Some of the benefits of Quantum Touch are pain relief; stress/anxiety/depression relief; relaxation; and so much more. Stop by my booth for a free 5-minute demonstration. Or $20 for 20-minute sessions.




Tom Guyette

15841 27th Ave. N, Plymouth
763-438-1613, [email protected]

Tom is a multidimensional intuitive healer, psychic and medium. He was drawn to spirituality for self-healing and, from that experience, intuitive gifts and healing abilities opened for him. Tom is a Hawaiian Kaula Master and Lightsmith Practitioner. He is an electrical, software and biomedical engineer with medical training. He also does space clearing.




Happy Way Healing LLC

Spruce Krause
612-245-9920, [email protected]

Relax...Release...Transform. Each session with Spruce is tailor-made to suit you.

Life/Career Coaching:  Receive tools to self-balance, experience more joy and less stress, to explore and gain clarity on issues with which you are dealing.

OMNI Hypnosis:  Go after the cause, not just the symptoms. Together, we can create the change you need in whatever area needed: worry, stress, smoking, food, sleep, memories, relationships.

Therapeutic Massage:  Relax; heal physical and emotional trauma.

Reiki Energy:  Experience deep relaxation, flow, more ease in body and mind. Phone sessions available.

InterPlay Focus Sessions & Laughter Yoga:  Exploration and healing through movement, stillness, sound, story and play.

Spruce Krause, MA Counseling Psychology, Life/Career Coach, Certified Consulting OMNI Hypnotist, Reiki Master, LMT, Certified InterPlay & Laughter Yoga Leader. Supporting individuals and groups for over 30 years in transformation with a healing and playful touch. Available for one-on-one sessions and to lead workshops and life passage ceremonies.





Healthy Organic Space - Reducing EMF/5G

David and Chelsea Paurus
[email protected]

Providing electromagnetic radiation assessments for home and office spaces. Reduction techniques and action plans to reduce and eliminate wifi, emf, and 5g radiation.

Assessments and action plans including ongoing support and updates in the latest developments in radiation reduction techniques and products.





Rebecca Kalstad
763-401-9915, [email protected]

Thrive is a 3-step system. Mental clarity, appetite management, weight management, lean muscle support, digestive and immune support—whatever you are lacking, this will fill that gap! Just 3-steps in the first 20-minutes of your day.




Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Association

80 County Rd. C West, Ste. 804, Little Canada
Charlotte Steen
651-278-0697, [email protected]

The Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Association is dedicated to bringing the Chinese Mystery School's (Hanmi Buddhism's) teachings to those with destiny in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. We offer Hanmi Buddhist Spiritual Healing Services, Meditation Classes and Prayer Services (dharma rites) as well as empowered Buddhist items to support your meditation practice and bring peace to your home and office. Hanmi Buddhism teaches methods to help the student awaken in this lifetime, to open their wisdom eye, and through the Medicine Buddha dharma practice—to heal themselves and others through meditation.

Master Dechan Jueren founded the Dari Rulai Temple in Los Angeles, in 1998. Vajracharya ZhiChan, Charlotte M. Steen, initiated in 2002, was ordained by Master Jueren at YingTian Temple, Sichuan Province, China, in 2010. She studied in China for four years, then served at Dari Rulai Temple before bringing the mystery school’s teachings to Minnesota and the Upper Midwest.




Wild Purple Energy

Anika Stafford
651-492-5826, [email protected]

Everything is energy, including the human being. Humans have a complex energetic body and it needs to be protected and cared for in order to enjoy divine health and maintain emotional balance. In the chaotic world that we live in, spiritual hygiene is a must, and Wild Purple Energy consultants are committed to helping people manage their energy successfully.

Wild Purple Energy is a locally crafted, all-natural bodycare line that combines aromatherapy, crystal essences and Reiki energy to help manage emotions and purify and protect the human energy field. Our consultants also offer spiritual consultation, counseling and Reiki energy healing services. Come by the Wild Purple Energy booth for a mini-consultation and to try some samples!

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