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Workshops, Presentations & Entertainment - YSLE2019

Premier Exhibitors



Amy Vasterling, Intuitive Pathfinder

“Highly Sensitive Child Parenting” - Amy Vasterling, Intuitive Pathfinder (Johanna)

Amy Vasterling is the only highly sensitive child (HSC) parenting coach who provides expert methods from a unique model she created specifically for parents of an HSC child who want to build lasting bonds with their child and see them thrive in a world where the highly sensitive personality type is seen, valued and respected. Amy helps parents to shift their thinking and interactions, often in simple, subtle ways, which helps the HSC to claim their own self and identity. Once a parent can do this, they discover that their HSC is their easiest child to parent.


Andrew Baechler, Eniva Health

“Ten Reasons Why We All Should Do a Detox & Cleanse” - Andrew Baechler, Eniva Health (Josephine)

Feeling sluggish and lethargic? Experiencing brain fog? Constipated or irregular... maybe constantly bloated? Have you been exposed to toxins and contaminants? Perhaps you're thinking "I just don't feel like myself lately." A periodic Detox & Cleanse is an ideal way to help refresh and reboot your bodily systems. Whether you're looking to establish new, healthy patterns or just want a way to recondition your body, the Eniva Health Detox & Cleanse is the perfect answer. It’s only seven days, does not require fasting or dieting, and addresses the entire body, not just the colon. It’s super easy to do, tastes good, and is gentle on your system. Andrew Baechler, CEO of Eniva Health, will explain why this program has been the preferred detox system for countless people.


“Enhancing Your Physical and Emotional Wellbeing Using the Healing Power of Radionics” - Michele Schramm, Optimal Wellness Solutions (Lake of the Isle)

Do you feel fatigued, sick or have other symptoms that linger despite your best efforts? Have you spent countless hours and thousands-of-dollars on expensive testing but are still unable to determine the root cause(s) of your symptoms or discern beneficial treatment options? Radionics via the AO Digital Body Analyzer may provide the answer.

Every cell and organ in the body has its own distinct vibrational frequency. When the frequencies are disrupted, whether by injury, diet, stress or emotion, it can bring about a disruption/weakness of that organ’s biological function. Learn how the Digital Body Analyzer resets the body’s frequencies in order to restore optimal health and/or prevent disease from manifesting. Over time, with repeated sessions of frequency optimization, disruptive frequencies can be replaced with healthy, vibrant frequencies, thus improving the body’s performance, reducing the body’s symptomatic toxic burden and greatly enhancing your physical, emotional and personal wellbeing.


“GROOVE Movement Class” – Robin Gast, Aero Dance Fitness (Salon E)

Yes, you can dance. No, you don’t have two left feet. You could dance before you could walk, someone just convinced you that you couldn’t. No one is watching. Just let yourself dance and your body will get what it needs. Join Robin as she gives you the basics so you can get grooving!





“The Secret of Women and Self-Care: Four Ways Women Can Bless the World by Not Putting Themselves Last” - Dawn Morningstar, Venerable Women (Johanna)

Women, enjoy 45 minutes just for you! Master coach Dawn Morningstar will share tried-and-true ways for women to live with inner confidence and a new sense of self-respect and self-love—all from focusing on their own self-care. You'll examine what you learned about women and their self-care in the past and how you care for yourself (and maybe some ways you don't) now. You'll learn four proven and easy-to-remember techniques that increase self-awareness. Participants will receive handouts and pages for notes and experience immediate results as they begin to reclaim their wholeness and live with greater self-love, confidence and joy. You'll leave this workshop with a bounce in your step and happiness in your heart!

Women learn to:

  • Stop putting their own needs last—guilt-free—and why that helps the world more.
  • Identify and prioritize what’s important in their lives—in a simple, beautiful way.
  • Appreciate a sparkling experience of the Divine within.
  • Grant themselves permission to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.
  • Stop feeling alone on their journey.
  • Feel renewed, nourished, and blessed in every moment.


“Dowsing Demos” - Annette Rugolo, Annette Rugolo (Josephine)

Annette demonstrates the technique of dowsing and how it is used to find and cure negative energy. Experience the energy of the room transform as the negative energy is cured.


Michelle Kitsmiller, Awakened Living

“What Your Body Type Says About Your Health in Mind, Body and Spirit” - Michelle Kitsmiller, Awakened Living (Lake of the Isle)

All disease and imbalance are rooted in emotional issues. When disease or imbalance shows up in your body, there is a reason: it’s trying to get your attention. Are you listening? In Chinese medicine there are six archetypes that we can categorize by body type and personality. Within each of these there are specific tendencies that can get out of balance and create disease. In this workshop you will have an opportunity to find out your archetype, which disease patterns are more likely to show up in each one, and the reasons behind them.


Gina Citoli, Beyond Entertainment

“Beyond Entertainment Into The Extraordinary!" - Gina Citoli, Beyond Entertainment (Salon E)

Gina will perform excerpts from her three amazing Broadway class, one-woman performances. She will share how she brought the performance and healing arts, metaphysics, science and ancient wisdom together to inspire, illuminate, heal and raise consciousness in a fun and entertaining way. These exceptional shows support healing work you may be involved in as well as any self-help workshops or practices in which you may be engaged.

Testimonials include: “Gina dazzled, uplifted and inspired the audience. I am still shouting ‘Brava’.”

“She informed us about the intelligence of the heart and the wisdom of the ages along with the latest Earth and human sciences.”

“With a touch of humor and her contagious optimism, Gina captivated us with stories based on the philosophy and science of higher consciousness. Like a Broadway star, she ultra-professionally belted out magnificent, original, anthem-like songs to elevate and empower us.”




Carole Hyder and Lisa Janusz, Wind & Water Center

“Easy Ways to Use Feng Shui for Abundance” - Carole Hyder and Lisa Janusz, Wind & Water Center (Johanna)

Join us for this session as Feng Shui experts Carole Hyder and Lisa Janusz from the Wind & Water Center reveal to you easy changes you can make to your space. Whether it’s a home or office, they will share with you simple and effective actions to take to see results. After this session you will feel inspired and empowered to look at your space with Feng Shui eyes.


Connie Bjerk, Awakened Living

“The Art of Doing Nothing—and Why It Matters” - Connie Bjerk, Awakened Living (Josephine)

When was the last time you remember doing nothing? How did it feel? Was there any guilt attached to your experience? Why do we feel that taking time for ourselves is the last thing we should be doing?

Discover why the art of being able to “do nothing” is vital to our health and wellbeing. We are all intimately familiar with our daily “to do” lists. We may even have them at home as well as work. While crossing things off our lists feels good, more items are usually added before the original list is completed! Research shows that we do, indeed, need downtime to reset and regulate our minds, bodies and spirits. Join us as we explore ways to incorporate life's guilty pleasures into our daily lives, while introducing you to new ones to increase your health and wellbeing.


Laura Hedlund, Food Freedom Radio

Heal Ourselves, Heal our Planet - Laura Hedlund, Food Freedom Radio (Lake of the Isle)

The Standard American Diet (SAD) consists primarily of grains, sugars and factory-farmed animals. Many believe the sharp rise in diabetes, obesity, chronic health conditions, food allergies and anxiety/depressions disorders is linked to our food system. Host of Food Freedom Radio, Laura Hedlund, will discuss how to make food choices good for you and good for the planet. Topics include: understanding food labels, why soil quality matters, the problems with factory farming, how the current food system impacts water, consequences of pesticides and more. Laura will talk about lazy, good food. Easy ways to cook affordable and healthy meals including tips on buying legumes and healthy grains from the bulk section.


Nea DallaValle, Nea Clare, Channel of Divine Wisdom

“Opening to Your Divinity” - Nea DallaValle, Nea Clare, Channel of Divine Wisdom (Salon E)

You are a child of the Universe, and all that created you, resides within you. ~ Nea Clare

Have you been longing to better understand who you really are?

Are you seeking your purpose?

Do you feel like you are even more amazing than you know?

As a Divine Being, you were born knowing your power, your worth and your capability. In this workshop, Nea Clare will help you to remember the Truth of you, through meditation, discussion and activities. You will explore what it is to move beyond your feelings and experiences and build trust in your own inner knowing.

Nea Clare is a powerful intuitive, teacher and channel for Spirit. She co-creates her workshops with Spirit, and every workshop is tailored to the group that gathers.





Dr. Martin Furlong, MetroEast Natural Healing Center

“Nutrition Response Testing Sheds Light” - Dr. Martin Furlong, MetroEast Natural Healing Center (Johanna)

Have you tried everything the medical world has to offer and still don't feel 100 percent? Have you not been able to find the answers as to what is causing your health problems? There are thousands of books written about healing. However, none of those authors have ever met you! In the incredible sea of information, what applies directly to you? We take a different approach as the goal is total health restoration. Using Nutrition Response Testing, we precisely identify your body’s specific barriers and address each one in turn, starting with the primary block to your health and then intelligently tackling each barrier until you have restored whole health. Our advanced, clinically trained Nutrition Response Testing practitioners can help you identify the exact barriers to your personal health problems.


“Meaning-Purpose-Passion: Lifting Your Veil is the Key to Regret-Free Living” - Debbie Mechley, Trust Your Vision Coaching (Josephine)

This workshop offers a space for you to hold your own courageous conversation. You will experience soulful contemplation, a meditation to induce clarity and an experiential exercise to take a deeper look into your meaning and purpose with a new sense of passion. It’s time for you to lift your veil! Today, we take the pressure off of your purpose, and what would that feel like?

When we stand on the bridge of possibility, we create. When we create, we achieve and when we bring our dreams into our reality, our regrets simply dissolve. We all know what we want, even when we think we don’t. We may not know how to get it, but we know what we desire. The entire journey is a spiritual awakening on many levels, one level at a time, and the good news, there’s plenty of time. Connect with your desired outcome now; it’s never too late. This is you living your life free of regrets!


Marie Savage, Earth & Water Wellness

“Understanding Animal Communication” - Marie Savage, Earth & Water Wellness (Lake of the Isle)

Explanation of what animal communication entails. We will point out that every creature has a consciousness that can be connected to, and some of the techniques that make it possible. The typical pet has many feelings and opinions about their life and the people that care for them. It can be quite rewarding and useful to discover what your pet is thinking. Participants are asked to bring a photo of the pets they want to communicate with. This can include pets that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.



Guy Odishaw, Bhakti Wellness Center

“Integrative Medicine: An Innovative Approach” - Guy Odishaw, Bhakti Wellness Center (Salon E)

Many clinics talk about Integrative Medicine yet very few practice it, the main reason being, it’s too expensive. In this workshop, Bhakti providers will share how we are practicing Integrative Medicine, improving outcomes and lowering the cost of care, even in complex conditions such as chronic depression, fibromyalgia, PTSD and macular degeneration.





Jeanne Lecher, SoulBody Alchemy

"Owning Your Own Authority and Embodying Your Own Style" - Jeanne Lecher, SoulBody Alchemy (Johanna)

Jeanne invites you to share in the ease and grace of SoulBody Alchemy as she inspires you to the clarity, wisdom and truth of your own authority and style in life. During the group SoulBody Alchemy session, we will go below the surface to a deeper dialogue of truth with your body, mind and spirit—a dialogue that reveals, resolves and dissolves the fears that compromise your choices and direction in one or more areas of your life.

Fears show up disguised as pain, illness, stress, anxiety, confusion and emotional imbalance, to name just a few. Simply show up, be the observer of yourself, and experience the changes as the alchemical process organically unfolds. Together, we will go right to the root of whatever you bring to the table! "Going deep first, because if we don't, it's going to hide from us."


SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT, Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness

 “On the Quest for Your Relaxation: Simple, Effective Stress-Reducers for the Busy Professional” - SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT, Psinergy Natural Health & Holistic Wellness (Josephine)

Learn simple and safe ways to increase relaxation through easily found herbs and teas, foods, homeopathic remedies, and some easy-to-grasp naturopathic practices. Learn a simple brain balancing technique that can be done in about two minutes, and a different option to help balance the brain during a meeting, which also helps you retain and recall information. We'll also show a simple therapy that you can use to help release neck and shoulder tension, lower back pains in the morning, and digestive issues like constipation.


“GROOVE Movement Class” – Robin Gast, Aero Dance Fitness (Salon E)

Yes, you can dance. No, you don’t have two left feet. You could dance before you could walk, someone just convinced you that you couldn’t. No one is watching. Just let yourself dance and your body will get what it needs. Join Robin as she gives you the basics so you can get grooving!