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Gifts from the Ocean: A Holiday Seafood Box

A box of packaged wild Alaskan fish from Sitka Salmon Shares with crabs in front of the box in the middle of a center kitchen island with festive coniferous clippings around the box.

With the fishing season wrapped up in Alaska and the snow already falling on the ground here in Minnesota, there is only one thing to do: hibernate and dream of turkey, lefse, caramels, ham, squash, king salmon and halibut! In the greatest season of giving and receiving, Sitka Salmon Shares, your local community-supported fishery, has prepared two Holiday Boxes for members and nonmembers alike.

Why is seafood the perfect gift this holiday season? “The idea of supporting a sustainable community of hard working, traditional fishing families whilst also giving, hands-down, the most incredibly delicious food from the ocean, is a win-win,” says Minnesota’s community manager, Richie Mann. “Mother Ocean produced a bounty for our fishermen this season and sharing it with our Midwestern family is only neighborly.”

Sitka Salmon Shares has brought Alaska’s most sustainable, wild, line-caught seafood to the doorsteps of Midwesterners for 10 years. Putting fishermen and the environment first and taking the artisanal approach to the process of their seafood not only create a trust between ocean and fisherman, but also between fisherman and customer.


The 2019 Holiday Box program, with species like king salmon, Dungeness crab, halibut, coho, spot prawns and more, can be ordered through the Sitka Salmon Shares website at Holiday Boxes are available to order until December 15 and will ship before Christmas. See ad, page 3.


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