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Uplifting Your Self and Your Home for a New Year

Jan 01, 2020 12:00AM ● By Annette Rugolo

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Out with Old, Stale Energy-In with New, Higher-Vibrational Energy

It happens every year. Sometime in mid-January, there comes a day when I enter my walk-in closet and the decluttering begins. I never plan for this and it always comes at a perfect time—a canceled appointment, no place to go and no one needing my attention. It begins slowly enough, putting a few items back in place, discarding some empty boxes, organizing my shoe rack. Before I realize it, I’m in full-on decluttering mode.

Over the next few hours, it looks like a cyclone touched down. Clothes strewn over the floor, boxes open with the contents placed in piles around the room, a bag of giveaways starting to fill and miscellaneous items sitting around, waiting to find a new home. After a few hours of giving myself fully to the process, I stand in my closet and witness the new order that will be my closet for the coming year.

Along with the physical decluttering of spaces in my home, I also do some energetic decluttering. I have come to understand that just like things that pile up and create disorder, the energy created throughout the year in our home piles up and creates disorder, too. If we allow this energy to build up over years and decades, it can have an adverse effect on everyone in the home, whether they are aware of it or not.

Where does this energy come from? To begin, it’s important to know that everything is energy-including the energy created by our emotions and our thoughts. It would be wonderful if we could all create positive, uplifting thoughts each and every day, but we don’t. There are times when we become depressed, anxious, worried and fearful. It would be great if we could feel joy, happiness and love 24/7. Although we try, there are times when it becomes very difficult. We all experience times of sadness, grief, anger and frustration.

These kinds of thoughts and emotions create what I call “energetic dust” and this dust gathers over time until it becomes dust balls or even clouds of energy hanging in the air. You may have experienced this at some point when you’ve walked into a room and it felt heavy.

Just like physical cleaning and decluttering, it is important to give yourself all the advantages to receive the new energy arriving this year by energetically cleansing your home. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Open your windows for about 10 minutes and allow fresh air into your space
  • Using a tuning fork, a bell or the clapping of hands, walk through the rooms with an intention of clearing the energy
  • Add some plants to your space. They are great cleansers of negative energy.
  • Place a bowl of salt in the corner of each room to absorb the negative energy. Remove after a few hours.
  •  Walk through each room with burning sage. Move the sage in a clockwise direction while using your intention to release lower vibrations of energy.
  • Play high-frequency music. This includes classical music such as Mozart and Beethoven. Meditation music can also be played.
  • Place a few drops of your favorite essence in a diffuser. Some companies have essences with names like Peace & Harmony, Joy, and Transformation.

When energetically cleansing your home, choose a cleansing technique that works for you and makes you feel good while you’re doing it. Cleansing with emotions or thoughts of it being a chore will create more lower vibrations for your home. Depending on what is happening in your home during the year and how many people live in it, you may want to consider doing a cleansing technique on a monthly basis. 

Starting the year with a home that is both physically and energetically decluttered will create a springboard for you and your family to leap into the new year.

Annette Rugolo

 Annette Rugolo is a master dowser, author, retreat leader and speaker, and is passionate about helping people transform their lives and their environments. She offers classes, workshops and personal sessions at her home office and remotely. Contact her at 612-605-8608 or [email protected]. For a list of free resources such as downloads, e-books and meditations, visit There are two free meditations for your home available: Tubes of Light Meditation for Your Home and Filling Your Home with Light. 

Annette Rugolo

Annette Rugolo - Chaska, MN

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