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Natural Smiles Dentistry Welcomes Dr. Holly Thompson

Dr. Madelyn Pearson, owner of Natural Smiles Dentistry, in Shoreview, is pleased to announce the addition of Holly Thompson, DDS to her practice. Thompson will join the holistic dental team on March 20, bringing her 15 years of experience to the growing practice.

Thompson returns to Minnesota after practicing holistic dentistry in Portland, Oregon. “I think that there is a tremendous need to practice dentistry more holistically,” shares Thompson. She explains that practicing in Portland was eye-opening, causing her to look beyond the traditional dental procedures that haven't proven to be as effective long-term as we are all led to believe. “Three D scans of the mouth are revealing reinfection of root canal treated teeth that would otherwise have gone undetected.”

Thompson also relates how her patients in Portland were seeking options for a more bio-natural, holistic treatment for better overall health. “Dr. Pearson's office is finally an avenue for me to practice dentistry I firmly believe is better for the patient and that’s invested in seeking the highest education and quality of care to provide such treatment.”

"We are so excited for Dr. Thompson to join our Natural Smiles Dental Care team. As more and more people become educated on the importance of holistic dentistry, our practice has really grown,” states Pearson. “Dr. Thompson's passion for biological dental surgery will help us serve our patients more fully, and we are looking forward to offering these amazing surgical elements to our patients at Natural Smiles."

Thompson will be focusing her work on placing zirconia implants, extraction of teeth, tooth socket preservation and Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) therapy. PRF is a procedure that accelerates the healing of hard and soft tissue to better prepare a site for implant placement. Blood is drawn from the patient then centrifuged to create protein and growth factors which is a natural way to stimulate growth of bone and soft tissue.

“I can’t wait to realize my vision of technologically cutting-edge performance… placing biocompatible implants with amazing scientific holistic support,” shares Thompson. “With the newest techniques and technologies, we have the ability to be as precise as neurosurgeons in our implant procedures, and that is something that really energizes me.”

Location: 4700 Lexington Ave. N, Ste. D, Shoreview. For more information and to make an appointment, call 651-483-9800 or visit