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Into the Field: Radiant Light Group Meditation with Nea Clare

Oct 01, 2020 12:00AM ● By Nea DallaValle

Courtesy of Nea Clare

Events and gatherings of like-souled people have been a challenge the last few months, and the desire to be with each other is growing. While things may not be the same as they were before COVID-19, there are new ways to gather, to be in and among one another, and Into the Field: Radiant Light Group Meditation with Nea Clare, is one example. Clare is facilitating this unique group meditation on October 10, at Long Lake Regional Park, in New Brighton. This will be the third in-person group meditation she has hosted since September and possibly the last before the weather changes significantly.

“I was taking a walk with my family, and we came to this open field and I had a vision,” Clare explains. “I could see people everywhere, sitting in the sun, meditating together.” Thinking through the logistics of a group event that would meet state, federal and regional park guidance related to COVID-19, Clare came up with a unique approach that would be safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Participants register for the event and receive an email with a link to the meditation which they can download to their smartphone or tablet. Though they gather in person, each person will be listening to a recorded meditation and channeled message together, but from their own device. “This method allows participants to be anywhere and together at the same time and even in the same space,” explains Clare, “and creates a unique, shared experience.”

Since the start of COVID-19, Clare has been hosting a daily meditation on her private, free Facebook group, The Soulwise Circle. The Radiant Light meditation includes many of the elements of this daily meditation practice which results in a clearer and more resonant experience of personal connection with the Divine. Participants have experienced greater peace, ease and confidence in all areas of their lives.  

Nea DallaValle, Nea Clare, Channel of Divine Wisdom

 Cost: $20/person. Location: 1500 Old Hwy. 8, New Brighton. Pre-registration is required. Use code: NAT2020 to receive 10% off ticket. For more information, visit
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