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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Soul Weaver’s Virtual Symposium

Courtesy of Melissa Baker

Soul Weaver’s Virtual Symposium begins November 14 and runs through December 21. The symposium is a journey to personal exploration, discovery and alignment with the emergent Coherent Divine Feminine energies. The six-week virtual event will include weekly workshops, opening and closing ceremonies, powerful esoteric and spiritual teachers and community building. This gathering is to empower those who feel called to witness the unfolding of a New Earth, a new frequency and a new way of being.

Melissa Baker, intuitive energy healer and spiritual guide, is hosting the event. She felt the time was right to create a sacred space for this conversation. “We are in a potent period of inner transformation and awakening on the planet,” states Baker. Tapping her extensive network to create a speaker lineup that will inspire, inform and model this new way of being, “We all align in our core message,” she explains. “The message is one of unity, love and expansion.”

The symposium all access package offers access to all weekly workshops, including opening and closing ceremonies, workshop recordings, a private Facebook group, special gifts and more. A VIP access package and attending single workshops are also available.

The event will focus on four themes: The Mother Frequency and the Sacred Feminine; Shifting Polarity: Duality to Sovereignty; Surrender as the Gateway to Oneness; and The Collaborative We: A New Way to Be. Each topic will be presented by a panel of teachers and there will be time for live questions and answers.

Baker supports her clients in healing wounded child programming, aligning energies and awakening sacred wisdom. Her work embodies esoteric mysticism, Tantra and the sacred feminine. Her teachings are intended to empower one’s belief in their inherent worth.

Cost: $333/All Access Pass. Natural Awakenings readers save $50 when they use code NAT2020 at registration (All Access Pass only). For more information, visit or email [email protected].