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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Change the Energy of Your Home with this Online Webinar

Anyone can learn to dowse and change the energy in their home, land, office—wherever they want to remove negative, unwanted energy and replace it with positive, uplifting vibrations. Master Dowser Annette Rugolo will teach the online class, Learn How to Dowse: An Online Webinar, meeting from 7 to 8:30 p.m., two consecutive Mondays, November 16 and 23. The classes will be recorded for all attendees to have and own, and may be available for purchase later by people who didn’t take the class.

“I believe that everything has a vibration, and that higher vibrating people, things and spaces can help to make this a better, higher-vibrating world,” explains Rugolo. Attendees in the class will be able to verify their work, ask questions, test their new skills and get feedback on their results. Students will need to purchase their own dowsing rods.

“With so many people spending more time in their homes due to COVID-19,” says Rugolo, “it’s more important than ever to help uplift the energy of their homes, apartments and work spaces so that they are better supported and uplifted.”

Rugolo, an environmental healer and author,has been leading groups and individuals in healing meditations for Mother Earth since 2010. Through a deep understanding and the ability to connect and transform energy, she is a guide for others in navigating the multidimensional world in which we live.

Cost: $48/before November 6; $68/after. For more information and to register, visit