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All Energy Solar Offers Free eBook to Reduce Energy Consumption

Courtesy of All Energy Solar

We all do our best to be responsible energy consumers, but just turning off lights and devices as you leave the room may not be enough. Many items still use a shocking amount of energy even when not in use.

Energy vampires are devices in our home that use electricity even when turned off or in standby mode. Energy zombies are larger appliances such as refrigerators and sump pumps that drain energy by running constantly. These culprits syphon off more energy than you might imagine and may be costing you substantially over time.

All Energy Solar has created Energy Vampires, a free eBook to help you identify the energy vampires in your home and how you can mitigate the negative impacts they have on your energy bill. “The amount of energy use from these devices can be reduced,” says Michael Allen, CEO and co-founder of All Energy Solar. “Look out for electronics with digital clocks, red lights showing power status and devices waiting on standby.” Though these may seem harmless, they draw power from the utility. Try to adjust the power settings or invest in Energy Star appliances whenever possible.

To download the eBook, visit Energy-Vampires-eBook. For more information or to find out if going solar is right for you, visit