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Bhakti Wellness Center

At BhaktiWellness Center, you will find highly experienced professionals who spend the time with each client to provide quality treatment. While relief from injury, chronic pain, stress or other symptoms may bring you to their center, the practitioners emphasis on cultivating health will keep you coming back. Through holistic healing therapies, they help remove the burdens and barriers that block or interfere with the body’s natural healing processes.

The experienced healthcare providers at Bhakti take a whole-person approach to each client through alternative medicine and natural healing, delivered in a warm, caring and supportive manner. They conveniently offer a variety of massage, natural medicine and energy medicine services in one location. They help people reduce symptoms, improve conditions, but most of all restore health. Their focus is on long-term health, vitality and well-being, and their goal is to facilitate healing and help you attain wellness.

Services include QEEG Neurofeedback, Neurotherapy, Chinese Medicine, Massage, Holistic Mental Health, Facials, Chiropractic, Community Acupuncture, Community Microcurrent, Hypnotherapy, Direct Primary Care, among many others.

Location: 7550 France Ave S., Suite 220, Edina. For more information, call 612-859-7709 or visit

Bhakti Wellness Center - 7550 France Ave S Suite 220 Edina MN

Bhakti Wellness Center - 7550 France Ave S, Suite 220, Edina, MN

Bhakti Wellness Center provides a holistic environment where independent practitioners of various methods come together to offer you an integrative path to wellness as a whole person; min... Read More » 


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Fran Bieganek

Fran Bieganek, MS, LP - 7550 France Ave S, Suite 220, Edina, MN

As a Licensed Psychologist and holistic practitioner, Fran works with clients to identify areas of potential growth, obstacles to growth, and processes that facilitate healing and transce... Read More » 


Roy (Yuan) Zuobiao, Lic. Ac - Bhakti Wellness Center, 7550 France Ave S 220, Edina, MN

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Jessie Odishaw

Jessie Odishaw - Microcurrent Facials - 7550 France Ave S, Suite 220, Edina, MN

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Barb Ryan LMT CSD

Myofascial Release & Craniosacral Therapy - 7550 France Avenue S, 220, Edina, MN

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