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Infusion Health: A New Podcast for Health-Conscious Listeners

Infusion Health is a new podcast that aims to appeal to listeners interested in learning about holistic health from a Western medicine viewpoint, presented by Cris Patrick and Rachel Kass. Unlike many podcasts that cover Eastern methods and philosophies without considering an opposing viewpoint, Infusion Health aims to incorporate both viewpoints to give listeners a balanced perspective.

Modern Western medicine is well-known for its systematic approach in which licensed healthcare professionals apply medication, therapy, and surgery to treat symptoms and diseases, whereas the goal of holistic medicine is not only to promote good physical health but also mental well-being, spiritual growth, emotional stability, and social integration. With this in mind, the Infusion Health podcast covers aspects of both Western and Eastern perspectives by fusing conventional medical practices with traditional holistic methods.

Kass, in her role as a healthcare worker, recognizes that it is not her job to convince the two perspectives to come together, but she would like to educate the audience so that their fear of starting down a new path is reduced. “I want to bring together doctors, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other medical professionals, as well as farmers, nutritionists, herbalists, personal trainers, energy healers, small-business owners, and others from the holistic community" shares Kass. “By doing this, I can educate our listeners on how they can combine both approaches and, in turn, become their best advocate."

Infusion Health podcast is being built by Kass and Patrick, who both continue to work full-time jobs. Together, they are raising five children, and this family of seven strives for better health.

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