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Energy Healing for Your Pet

Courtesy of Annette Rugolo

Our pets become an important part of our families and it is natural that we want the best for them. We take care of them on a physical level by providing them with high nutritional food, a safe and comfortable home and exercise to stay healthy.

Beginning at 7 p.m., on October 12, Annette Rugolo is offering a three-week Energy Healing forYour Pet webinar for those interested in providing additional ways to support and keep their pets healthy. Rugolo has been assisting both people and pets for over 20 years to help clear and align their energy fields, allowing the healing energy to flow. She has found over the years that pets are much more responsive to energy work than humans. This is due to the fact they do not have the expanded energy fields that humans have, and they do not carry much of the baggage that we do.

Years ago, Rugolo was asked to help a four-year-old dog named Ruby who had not walked for six weeks. The owners tried everything their veterinarian recommended but nothing helped. As a last resort, they called Rugolo and asked if she was able to do anything for their beloved pet. During the session, Rugolo discovered that the dog had been carrying some emotional trauma from an experience of being lost as a puppy. This emotional trauma had affected Ruby’s nervous system along with creating pressure on her tail bone and back legs, which ultimately affected her walking. During the session, the emotional trauma was cleared and Ruby regained the use of her legs and started walking again.

Not all physical ailments are connected with an emotional trauma, but it is helpful to clear whatever emotional energy is affecting your pet to help them live a longer and healthier life.

Many of our pets are also creating a mental body and have a desire to communicate with us. As pet owners, we may feel or receive their thoughts telepathically. Along with helping them clear emotional traumas and patterns, we can also help them develop their mental body which benefits not only our pet but us as well.

Annette Rugolo, an environmental healer, soul coach and teacher, specializes in clearing the energy from homes, offices and land. Her book, Soul Whisperer: Releasing Lost Souls, helps people understand the world of wandering spirits. 

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