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Women’s Wellness Series Starts in January

Courtesy of Midwest Womens Herbal Conference

Midwest Women’s Herbal presents In Our Own Hands: Women’s Wellness Series, a unique virtual event beginning January 8, 2022, with workshops being held every other Saturday through April 2, and concluding with a virtual talking stick ceremony and intention-setting for spring to stay grounded and connected to the Earth all winter long.

Herbal elders from around the world will share their knowledge and Wise Women wisdom. Midwest Women’s Herbal founder Linda Conroy asks, “What if nourishment works?” Modern-day mystic Rev. Judith Laxer will share The Power of Oracles and Isla Burgess joins from New Zealand to talk about Nutritional and Herbal Tonics After Menopause.

Ellen Evert Hop man gets witchy with baneful plants and will teach us how to use their medicine safely through homeopathy. Robyn Klein informs on the importance of keying in plant identification, and Lucretia Van Dyke presents Ubuntu—I Am Because We Are, guiding and empowering the way to processing our individual and collective grief.

For more information and to register, visit

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