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MetroEast Natural Healing Center

After years of successfully treating patients with chiropractic care, Dr. Martin Furlong noticed a decline in how long some of his patients would hold an adjustment and an increase in dysfunction, illness and disease among the general population. His research concluded that many of these issues were due to increased exposure to environmental toxins and poor diets which included processed foods, chemical additives, added antibiotics and hormones, and lacked in real living food. He determined that Americans were toxic and nutritionally deprived and it was causing an extreme rise in obesity, illness and disease which resulted in daily pain, dysfunction, and even early death.

In 2009, after his search for natural health remedies that would help people start real healing, Dr. Furlong discovered Nutrition Response Testing. He spent the next several years becoming advanced clinically trained in its methodology.

The success was immediate - using Nutrition Response Testing and Chiropractic - he was finally getting the results he had known were possible. Patients began attaining life-changing results to their health that endured. 

Their Total Health Restoration Program incorporates all the elements of their natural healthcare services together to increase the body's ability to heal itself quicker and to obtain a more optimal level of health. These services include: Nutrition Response Testing, whole foods nutrition supplements; chiropractic care, guided nutrition coaching, Heart Rate Variability Analysis and Bio-Impedance Analysis.

For those struggling with Post COVID-19 Syndrome, the MetroEast team uses a non-invasive, biofeedback analysis technique to identify the underlying cause to your lingering symptoms and what is challenging your immune system. The test results help them in identifying and safely removing toxins and replacing the vital missing nutrients your body indicates are needed to fully recover. They are then able to create a customized program to restore your health.

Location: 6993 35th St. N., Oakdale. To learn more and to attend a free health workshop, visit


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MetroEast Natural Healing Center - 6993 35th st N  2 Oakdale MN

MetroEast Natural Healing Center - 6993 35th st N, 2, Oakdale, MN

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