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Free Intro to Inner Diamond Basic Webinar with Annette Rugolo

Courtesy of Annette Rugolo

For those who feel affected by other people’s energy and are ready to master their life, Annette Rugolo is offering a free Introduction to Inner Diamond Basic webinar, from 7 to 8 p.m., on April 5.

The world is currently in a time of fast transition and there is a window of opportunity to transform ourselves and the planet very quickly. This free webinar will introduce participants to the Inner Diamond Basic course where participants learn about this very important time in our planetary history and gain the basic tools necessary to begin or continue making the most of this opportunity. She will share the topics that are included in the full six-week course, the experiences of previous participants and how we can incorporate what we will learn into our lives.

The six-week Inner Diamond Basic course begins April 19 and will also be delivered virtually. This course provides teachings and tools to help participants learn about the energetic cycles happening now on our planet; how to quickly and easily create a conscious connection to our higher levels of awareness, change our brainwaves and create new pathways to a conscious life; and how to awaken and gain access to 24 light frequencies (Universal Principles). 

Participants will also learn how to use these vibrational frequencies to stay above the energy of fear and doubt; transform old emotional and mental patterns that may be keeping them stuck; activate their energetic blueprint to create alignment with one’s soul purpose; and learn about individual, family and group karma and how to clear it.

Cost: Free. For more information and to register, visit

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