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Reiki Sessions at Total Health and Healing Center, Coon Rapids

Courtesy of Amy Nesdahl

Reiki Master Amy Nesdahl has recently opened office hours at Total Health and Healing Center (THHC), in Coon Rapids. Nesdahl has been practicing reiki for nearly 20 years in the northern suburbs and is excited to be joining the team at THHC.

Reiki can be a powerful piece to the healing puzzle,” explains Nesdahl. “Stress and trauma from the past, and present, create emotional and energetic blocks in our bodies. With supplemental work like reiki, the stuck energy can be lifted to support comprehensive body, mind and spirit healing.” 

Reiki sessions are one-hour long, very relaxing and create a gentle yet powerful space for the client to release old patterns to create a shift toward better health.

THHC offers a wide variety of services, including chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, reiki, functional medicine, lab and allergy testing, animal chiropractic and more.

Location: 11417 NW Hanson Blvd., Ste. 101, Coon Rapids. For more information, visit or


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