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Annual Women’s Mycelium Conference Weekend Set for September

The sixth annual Mycelium Mysteries Conference: A Women’s Mushroom Conference, hosted by Midwest Women’s Herbal and focusing on all things in the mushroom world, will be presented in person on September 23, 24 and 25, in Almond, Wisconsin. The event provides inspiration and education about mushrooms for the health and healing of people and the planet.

Workshops will be offered at the beginner through advanced levels on many topics, including  wild mushroom identification skills, fungal ecology, fungi and human health, ethnomycology and much more.

This is the only women-run, taught and focused mushroom conference in the world. Keynote speakers include mycologists Barbara Ching, Dr. Cornelia Cho, Sarah Foltz Jordan, plus Gina Rivers Contla and many more. One all-day pre-conference foray will be led by mycologist Rose Tursi and another by Ching.

Fungi are the “grandmothers” of our ecosystems, silently shaping the soil. The conference aims to help modern women connect with the roles and wisdom of their female ancestors who maintained and shared their understanding of the role of the fungal world. Midwest Women’s Herbal is committed to providing herbal and Earth-centered education and opportunities for transformation, immersed in the Wise Woman Tradition.

Enter to win a complimentary pass at One entry per person through August 15. For more information, visit

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