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Wisdom Listening Sessions Now Available


Barb Ryan, of Wisdom Sister Studio, now offers wisdom listening sessions via Zoom. Reap the rich benefits of this rare experience with a caring presence who offers support as well as thought-provoking questions and observations to deepen understanding and insight. These sessions are for those who have yearned for a confidante who would not judge or influence their thinking or try to one-up them with their similar (or not) experience.

“Sometimes we need to sort things out confidentially without undue input or influence from our loved ones,” explains Ryan. “Most times we need a caring presence to help us travel through periods of life that are challenging but not clinical. We gain insight and perspective and delve deeper into matters of our own heart and life.”

Wisdom Listening meets all these needs in a simple online format. Ryan is a certified spiritual director, but conversations do not need to be solely spiritual. Topics are as wide-ranging as choosing a graduate school, considering a move for the family, talking to a spouse about being unsatisfied and frustrated in the relationship, to grief that is lasting longer than friends can endure.

“I offered this service during the COVID-19 quarantines that shuttered our studio,” says Ryan. “Clients found rich value in the support and connection that was provided. My focus is squarely on what is happening within the client, their experience, feelings and needs. It is a true gift and a rare experience to receive true listening where one holds space, asks thoughtful questions, explores possibilities and uncovers options.”

Cost: $100 for a 50-minute session. For more information, visit

photo by Simone Anne

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