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Health Empowerment is the Best Self-Empowerment

Jul 31, 2022 08:00PM ● By Chelsea Kazmierczak-Goethel


Self-empowerment means intentionally choosing to take charge of one's destiny. The self-empowered person is confident and holds the core belief that they know what is best for themselves. They take control of their lives through focus, positive choices and taking the action steps needed to move toward their goals while creating the life they desire.

Many people understand self-empowerment from the perspective of the workplace or career. An empowered individual will confidently go after their professional goals and ambitions. There are many other areas in which self-empowerment is equally, if not more, important, including personal development, relationships and health.

Health empowerment is a central component of health promotion and disease prevention. According to the World Health Organization, it is “a process through which people gain greater control over decisions and actions affecting their health.” Health empowerment allows the individual to improve their health through responsibility and self-advocacy.

Empowerment in health care is a two-way street between the patient and provider. When a choice about the treatment of a condition needs to be made, an empowered person will take an active role in deciding the best plan of action. Unfortunately, a recent report found that 21 percent of physicians found patient empowerment annoying, and 40 percent reported that well-researched patients made providing care more difficult.

This is why many people turn to the world of holistic and natural health care. Providers and practitioners in this realm understand the body’s ability to heal itself when the cause of a problem is identified and resolved. Considering the whole person, including someone’s physical, biochemical/physiological and mental/emotional state, the holistic practitioner believes in working with the patient as a team in a model of true health empowerment.

The modality Nutrition Response Testing provides an excellent example of how holistic health care encourages self- and health empowerment. This noninvasive analysis system allows highly trained practitioners to identify what is impeding the body’s ability to heal itself. Interfering factors can include hidden food sensitivities, immune challenges, toxic chemicals, heavy metals and emotional stress.

When the practitioner understands what is standing in the way of well-being, a customized plan is developed via collaboration between patient and provider. Through intentional lifestyle, dietary and supplementation recommendations, balance is restored and health problems resolve. Each step of the process from illness to wellness is rooted in empowering the patient to take control of their health, and their life. Ultimately, individuals gain the knowledge and skills to confidently make day-to-day choices that allow them to feel and function optimally.

From a holistic perspective, the joy of improved health goes beyond someone feeling better, experiencing less symptoms. The true satisfaction stems from how an energized, healthy person can show up in the world. The empowered person can spend time with loved ones or actively work on things about which they are passionate. Consider that good health provides the freedom to go anywhere and do anything, and without health, there is nothing.

MetroEast Natural Healing Center, in Oakdale, uses a targeted approach to assess states of malnutrition, toxicity and other causes of ill health. Their highly trained and experienced nutrition practitioners specialize in creating customized dietary and supplemental plans to improve the health of their patients. From minor symptoms to serious health concerns, the expertise of their holistic practitioners can make a major difference in reaching one's health goals.

 Chelsea Kazmierczak-Goethel, MSACN, is a holistic practitioner at MetroEast Natural Healing Center. She is advanced clinically trained in Nutrition Response Testing, holds a bachelor's degree in Human Physiology and a master of science in Applied Clinical Nutrition. Her own health issues brought her into the natural health care world six years ago, but the return of joy and optimum health to her patients happily fuels her every day. She is grateful to participate in the healing journey of so many patients. For more information, visit


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