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Astro-Therapy: Using Astrology for Well-Being and Self-Realization

Jul 31, 2022 08:00PM ● By Richard Bonk

Courtesy of Richard Bonk, Artist

Most people have checked in on their daily horoscope—some out of curiosity and some perhaps with a secret wish for insight or guidance. Of course, these blurbs are very general so usually of little relevance to one’s unique life circumstances. Although astrology predated, coexisted and gave rise to scientific perspectives, it fell to the wayside as humans shifted their allegiance to their modern ways of knowing. Yet, astrology has stood the test of time and still has an avid following some 4,000 years later, with the reason being there is real value to utilizing this ancient system of archetypes and their cycles as they apply to daily existence.

Carl Jung, a founding father of psychoanalysis, posits that every person is on a path of individuation, of self-discovery, with the potential to express unique potentials, to realize their true, whole self. Life circumstances such as our genetics, conditioning and social milieu conspire through opportunities, both challenging and supportive, to shape our mind and body, the I, me, mine complex, to be and do in the world. 

In addition, it is common for many to “thank their lucky stars” as a seemingly magical synchronistic occurrence, acting as a catalyst for insight and transformation. Jung described how the archetypes give form to our personalities and activate our lives. Astrology describes and deals directly with these archetypes and their cyclic influences in our lives.

Astro-therapy can act both as a tool to bring insight into causes and conditions of our life circumstances, and it can invite a causal synchronicity to participate in our life trajectory. It can assist in reflecting on the structuring foundations from our past, consider alternatives moving into the future, all from the vantage point of the ever-present now. The archetypes are universal dynamic forces, form, force and function active as nature, both external in the boundless world and internal in our similarly boundless psyches.

Within the safe container of astro-therapy, client and counselor can examine the unique astrological signature related today, time and place of birth, explore relevant challenges, gifts and opportunities, and apply insight into the universal archetypes manifesting across the broad but personal spectrum of personality, relationships, work, health, life purpose. This process looks at natal, transit, progressed and sometimes relationship charts to assist in revealing patterns and identifying opportunities, thus allowing for a potential conscious collaboration with the archetypes.

This process can stimulate self-awareness and understanding, promote necessary change, bring balance, support a healthy lifestyle, even instigate contentment and happiness. In addition, within the context of the immensity of life, one can identify that we have little or no control, and perhaps accept, then identify and focus on where we may have agency, thereby applying skillful action with mindful awareness and caring compassion in service of the world, of what is important to us and our individuation, and the awakening of our unique, true Self.

Richard Bonk, M.Ed., unites his 30-plus years as a health and wellness coach, counselor and NCGR-certified astrologer to offer AstroTherapy through the Bhakti Wellness Center. To learn more, visit or

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