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Healing in Paradise

Courtesy of Ocean Dreams Cancer Healing Center

Terry Sutton, founder of Ocean Dreams Cancer Healing Center, will conduct a Healing and Wellness Retreat in Paradise from December 5 through 9 in Islamorada, Florida. The retreat gives patients with cancer and other diseases, along with their caregivers, the chance to experience hope, healing, education and relief from day-to-day stress and learn to improve the quality of their lives together.

The beautiful Florida Keys offer clean air, blue skies, blue water, warm temperatures and all the health-healing ingredients of paradise. During this five-day, all-inclusive retreat, guests can explore healing modalities that complement their current medical protocol and discover how to treat the entire mind, body and spirit through breathing techniques, nutrition, drinking filtered water, stretching, joint manipulation, massage, acupuncture, music therapy, reiki, grounding, reflexology, meditation, herbal medicine and more. They can also play in the water, go fishing or relax in the sun.

Cost is $850 to $2,850, with an early bird discount for reservations made prior to Aug. 20. Location: Ragged Edge Resort & Marina, 243 Treasure Harbor Dr., Islamorada, FL. For more information, call 305-393-9921, email [email protected] or visit

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