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Choice Bank Seeks Donations for #PeopleFirst Pantries

Courtesy of Choice Bank

Choice Bank is seeking food donations for their #PeopleFirst Pantry which provides food free of charge for the community. Choice Bank placed 15 #PeopleFirst Pantries in each community they serve in North Dakota and Minnesota. A #PeopleFirst Pantry has been placed at 1830 Glenwood Avenue, Minneapolis, between Venture North Bikes and Coffee and Redeemer Lutheran Church.

Those interested in donating to the #PeopleFirst Pantry can also drop off non-perishable food items at their local Choice Bank. Community members may donate unexpired food, hygiene or paper items such as:

  • Non-perishable food items (noodles, packaged/instant meals, etc.)Canned vegetables and proteins (beans, chicken, tuna, etc.)

  • Personal care items (toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products, etc.)

  • Kid-friendly items (coloring books, crayons, card games, etc.)

Those in need are welcome to take goods from the pantry at no cost. The #PeopleFirst pantry is open all the time to fill emergency food service gaps during times when the local food pantry is closed.

Inspired by the Free Little Pantry movement, #PeopleFirst Pantries are a community-driven solution to make food available to families and individuals who may not be able to meet their everyday food and personal needs. Whether it is a need for food or a need to give, these pantries will help feed neighbors and nourish neighborhoods.

"This #PeopleFirst Pantry is a wonderful opportunity for neighbors who want to help their neighbors," shares John Fritz, president of Choice Bank Minnesota. "The #PeopleFirst Pantry addresses that need while bringing our community together for a shared purpose."

"Choice Bank is committed to bettering the places we live, and that begins with making sure our neighbors are fed," states Brian L. Johnson, CEO of Choice Bank. "This really is a great opportunity for us to come together to end hunger in our communities.”

Choice Bank is a people-first financial services organization that remains locally owned and built around long-term customer relationships, well-rounded products and services, and authentic community banking. For more information, visit

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