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Dog-Gone Anxiety: New Natural Stress Relief for Dogs

Courtesy of Brave Paws

The team at Brave Paws knows that dogs are an important part of the family. Like anyone else, our furry friends experience anxiety too, although they show it differently. Anxious behaviors include pacing, panting, restlessness, drooling, excessive barking, and sometimes even aggressive or destructive behavior. Dogs can become anxious during thunderstorms, fireworks, vet visits, road trips or when separated from their owner.

Anxiety caused by loud noises such as thunderstorms or fireworks accounts for the majority of cases, affecting roughly 45 percent of dogs, but nearly 75 percent of dogs experience some form of anxiety at some time. While owners are encouraged to take basic steps to ease their dog’s anxiety—such as giving them comfort and using training to help desensitize them to stressful stimuli—some dogs need additional support.

Brave Paws Anxiety and Stress Support is a clinically studied and patented, plant-based solution formulated to help ease canine stress and anxiety. The plant-based chewables are made from a sustainably sourced blend of naturally occurring compounds found to promote a sense of calm and relaxation in dogs.

Brave Paws chewables are veterinarian recommended, fast-acting, and non-drowsy. The Anxiety and Stress Support Chewables for Dogs are made with plant-based ingredients that are sustainably sourced from the United States, Canada and Costa Rica, including Coopecuna, a woman-led co-op in rural Costa Rica.

The first active ingredient that makes up the patented formula is Souroubea spp., which comes from a flowering plant from Costa Rica, traditionally used to treat nervousness and anxious behavior. Also included is Platanus spp., which was traditionally used by Native Americans for its purifying properties, as well as the anxiolytic triterpenoid betulinic acid and alpha- and beta-amyrin, associated with anxiolytic, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cost: $29.99 for 30 or $76.50 for 90. To learn more or to order online, visit


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