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Contrast Therapy Comes to Eden Prairie

Courtesy of Cadence Chiropractic

Dr. Amanda Haeg, of Cadence Chiropractic, in Eden Prairie, is excited to announce the opening of their new Contrast Suite, at 6409 City West Parkway, Suite 105, which includes both an infrared sauna and PLUNGE ice bath. Contrast therapy is an opportunity to expose the body to controlled "stress" in order to train it to become more resilient. This additional wellness benefit provides two unique therapies that can be used on their own or as a part of a total wellness program. Appointments will be available beginning September 6.

The infrared sauna provides a lower temperature alternative to traditional high-heat, high-humidity saunas. Instead of steam or flame-stoked heat, infrared saunas use infrared lamps and electromagnetic waves to create warmth. The process allows infrared saunas to operate at a lower temperature while still providing therapeutic benefits. This is especially beneficial for patients who struggle in traditional saunas where the overall temperature is between 150 and 195 degrees. The infrared sauna is typically between 110 to 135 degrees, making it more accessible for people with health concerns.

Benefits are plentiful. Shortly after entering the sauna, the heart rate increases similar to walking at a moderate pace, which helps to reduce blood pressure. Additional benefits include soothing sore muscles, pain relief, relaxation and better sleep. Infrared saunas also reduce oxidative stress which is associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer and degenerative diseases like dementia.

Finally, the PLUNGE ice bath provides the opportunity for patients to immerse themselves in 59-degree water, immediately stimulating blood flow and triggering the production of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, a critical chemical in the body that helps regulate attention, focus, and energy. Additional benefits include reduced chronic pain, boosting the metabolism, better sleep, elevated mood, increased resilience, lower inflammation and more.

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