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Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

Transforming Grief to Reclaim Our Joy


The world is full of people grieving significant losses; whether it’s the loss of a loved one, the end of a career or the need to let go of a belief system, many are struggling. Too often, they are told to think positively and smile more, but what is really needed is the ability to feel the pain in order to heal it. This is the idea behind the innovative day-long retreat, Reclaiming Joy: Healing Grief Together, taking place on December 4, at the Carondelet Center, in St. Paul. 

Candi Broeffle, publisher of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities magazine and owner of Composure Coaching, was called to create this event after many conversations with friends and clients who were grappling to find support in their healing journey.

“So many people shared with me how they were looking for someone who could listen, hold space with them as they deal with the ugly feelings that come with grieving, deep sadness, anger and fear,” explains Broeffle. “Instead, they are greeted with advice and the other person’s stories of loss. Some are even asked how long it will take them to get over it, as if it is something that is just brushed off in a week.”

Having a strong network of trusted professionals who work with grieving people on a regular basis, Broeffle invited those experts who can provide attendees the opportunity to do significant healing work in community with others facing similar troubles. Attendees will learn techniques and exercises they can use immediately to begin the healing process.

“We are striving to provide a powerful experience unlike anything people have had in the past,” shares Broeffle. “It is time that we learn how to feel our pain and truly appreciate the grieving process. After all, it wouldn’t be so difficult if the people and opportunities we lost weren’t so very important to us.”

Cost: $99 (registration opens October 15). If you are a healing professional who has products or services to share with the attendees of this event, there will be a limited number of exhibitor booths available to purchase. To learn how you can become an exhibitor, call 763-270-8604 or email [email protected].


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