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Gladstar, Other Experts Lead Online Women’s Wellness Herbal & Healing Workshops

Courtesy of Midwest Women's Herbal Conference

World-renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar and a dynamic star lineup will present a virtual Women’s Wellness Series, produced by Midwest Women's Herbal, In Our Own Hands, every other Saturday, from January through April, 2023. In workshops covering many topics, participants will be supported and inspired to work with herbs, archetypes, magic and healing in their own lives and communities.

Led by herbalists and healers who are interested in offering women tools they can bring into their own lives for health and wellness, this unique series of workshops offers a supportive community learning environment. Each workshop is unique and complementary to the next. Participants have the opportunity to attend live and interact with the instructor. For those not able to attend or who wish to review the workshop, recordings will be sent.

Instructors include Gladstar; Indigenous Earthkeeper Brooke Medicine Eagle; bioregional Wise Woman and herbalist Linda Conroy; ancestral ritual practitioner and author Caitlin Mathews; American Herbalist Guild Director and herbalist Mimi Hernandez; acupuncturist and herbalist Jiling Lin; and spiritual doula, rootworker and conjurer Angela Smith.

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