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Free Relationship Program for Couples in All Life Stages


Having a strong relationship with a romantic partner can be hard; love takes learning. When help is needed, finding trustworthy support can be difficult. That’s where Strong Couples comes in. This program just getting started in Wisconsin is a collaboration between UW-Madison Extension and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign/Illinois Extension and offered by universities in more than 10 states nationally.

The Strong Couples program consists of six, self-paced, online modules on topics such as communication, commitment, problem-solving and fun and friendship. There are also five brief video calls with a trained coach.

The Strong Couples program is free and designed for couples together six months or longer in all life stages. This educational program is not counseling; the initiative teaches couples to use tools that improve their relationship.

For more information and to register on the UW-Madison Extension website, visit

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