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Heal the Land, Heal Ourselves

Mar 30, 2023 11:59PM ● By Candi Broeffle


Many understand the importance of healing ourselves before we can heal others. This is also true when it comes to healing the land upon which our homes are built. When enough of us begin to heal our own piece of property, this will create a ripple effect that begins to heal the whole of Mother Earth and thus help to heal ourselves.

Why the Land Needs Healing. Just like us, the land we live on carries energy from the past. Even newly built homes on a piece of property where no houses previously existed can carry history from past events that occurred on that land. Consider the long history of our country and all of the events that have happened since it was first inhabited by humans. There were hundreds of years of Indigenous battles, fighting among and between the more than 1,000 tribes that existed before the Europeans arrived. For those familiar with the history of this country and what occurred after the European settlers arrived, this will give us a sense of the energy that has been absorbed into the land. The grief, anger, trauma and abuse that were created as Europeans claimed this land as their own still exists in many parts of the country.

There are many conflicting reports to the number of Indigenous populations that lived in this country prior to the arrival of the European settlers, but what everyone agrees on is the huge number that died from famine, disease or massacre. The emotional energy created by these events lingers on as well as the trauma created. Some of the souls involved in these events have also been stuck here ever since.

For those that live in the southern and eastern areas of the country, there is also some very heavy energy created by the Revolutionary and Civil wars. Once this energy is created, it continues to remain until it is cleared. There are many healers currently focused on releasing and clearing this energy, as well as the souls trapped by these experiences. 

The Effects of Living on Land that Needs Healing. As a Master Dowser, Annette Rugolo has been witness to dozens of homes that were built on land carrying energy from a traumatic and sometimes horrific event. “When the home is built, it now contains that energy, and after a family moves into their newly built home, they wonder what is happening and why they are feeling so depleted, out of balance and sometimes, sick,” explains Rugolo. “What should have been their dream home turns into a nightmare, or at the very least, a bad decision.”

The children in the homes are usually the first to feel or react to this energy. Nightmares, night terrors and emotional imbalances begin to surface after the family moves in. The parents try to handle things in more traditional ways, most times without results, until someone suggests the home and land might need energy healing. Because of the amazing and highly intuitive children being born into our world, many adults are beginning to understand that the land does indeed hold energy, and this energy can either negatively or positively affect their family. When someone in the family is more intuitive, the awareness that something is wrong can be immediate. They walk into the house on moving day and immediately feel something is off. The search then begins to find a solution to what they are feeling.

Other times, it may take a few months to realize that the energy of the home is depleting them. This is because many people have resources and tools to stay in a high vibration. Living in a home with unresolved trauma, however, takes a lot of effort to stay above the lower vibrational field of the home and land. Over time, they begin to feel worn out and depleted. It would be compared to holding two 10-pound weights at arms-length, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. After a while, it becomes impossible to sustain. Exhaustion, issues with sleeping, a lowered immune system and emotional issues begin to surface.

Benefits of Healing the Land. People are constantly learning more about the healing benefits of nature and all it has to offer. When sitting in a beautiful place in nature, they are nourished and restored. They leave feeling more in balance, with a sense of wholeness within. People are drawn to  places in nature because they intuitively know the energy of the land restores something in them that living in our fast-paced culture does not always provide. When the land our home is built on is cleared of energy from past events, we can more easily connect with the vibration of the Earth in our home.

“In a perfect world, it would be great if all land would be healed before developments are built,” shares Rugolo. “Everyone involved in the building of these homes would feel uplifted by the energy of the land instead of fighting against it. The builders and designers would feel even more inspired to create not only beautiful homes, but homes filled with beautiful energy, and the families moving in would feel safe and uplifted.”

How to Heal the Land. The first step is to understand that the land of our home and property has an energy, or consciousness, that is affecting everyone in the home. It is important to begin “listening” to what the land is telling us:

  1. Find a quiet space; go to the heart and send energy to the heart of the land. If we do not feel a connection, it is giving information that some energy needs to be cleared.
  2. Visualize a violet light bathing the property. The violet light has the ability to release energies created by past events.
  3. Honor the land by burying a rose quartz, clear quartz or amethyst crystal somewhere on the property. As we hold the crystal, ask to be guided as to the best place to bury it.
  4. Invite the nature spirits to help heal the land. Many are starting to work in collaboration with the beings of Mother Earth and just need to be asked.

Everything we do with the intention of healing the land will create change. What we are feeling is not our imagination. Today, there are many stepping into the service of healing the land and there may be times when someone with more experience with curing and releasing trauma from land needs to be called in.

Annette Rugolo is a Master Diamond Dowser and has been helping people heal their homes and land since 2005. Her book, Soul Whisperer: Releasing Lost Souls, written in 2019, provides powerful insights into the world of spirits and was written to help others understand why they are here and the importance of helping them move on. Her work as a Soul Guide has helped thousands transform their lives by releasing blockages, karmic lifetimes, patterns and programs that had them stuck. Her sessions empower the individual to live their soul’s purpose. For more information, visit