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Hope Academy: Fostering Emotional and Spiritual Health Through Community

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Seeking a healthy lifestyle means far more than eating the right foods and exercising; it calls for pursuing wellness in all areas of life: mentally, spiritually, emotionally. Many women, particularly mothers, face countless demands on their time as they struggle to juggle jobs, childcare, school, family relationships, sports, lessons, family dynamics and more. We have come to understand, as a society, we are uniquely built for community—to find support, share our resources and know we are not alone.

Yet, in a digital world, the opportunities to connect in real life can be difficult to find. Where neighborhoods, community centers and churches were once the hub for connection, more and more people are isolating and engaging through digital means. The results are feelings of isolation and loneliness, mounting stress and feeling overwhelmed.

What a Community Can Offer

No one can do it all. That is why churches, schools and community centers offer support groups, resources  and the opportunity to connect with others in a similar life stage and experience. Hope Academy, a local Minneapolis K-12 school, actively seeks to not only offer a quality Christian education to its students, to also support parents and families emotionally and spiritually.

“Hope Academy has been my rock. They show me that they’re not just a school, they’re like a family; there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and you’re not alone,” one parent shares. “The teachers have let me know that they are always there whenever I need help with homework or just with my own life. I was introduced to Emerge Mothers Academy, a partner organization to Hope Academy. They are onsite to meet with families to provide social support. Emerge has helped me with job resources, resume writing, clothes and food. They also help me with the financial literacy part of after you get the job and getting out of debt.”

Spiritual and Financial Support

Our wellness goes beyond just our health and immediate needs. We also need a sense of purpose and the ability to pursue our dreams. “Hope Academy has supported me as a single mother,” shares a Minneapolis parent. “I knew that if I needed anything, I could call out on them, and they would help me. The financial support that Hope has offered me has been very helpful and very affordable and came into my life at a time that I really needed it. To know that Hope Academy is right here centered in the middle of Minneapolis—to help us pull out from all the sadness and tragedies that are going on here—it’s nice to know that Hope Academy is right here.”

Finding Hope

To embody wellness, women need to seek a community where they can be known and supported and where people listen; where they can prioritize self-care and soul-care, and build trustworthy relationships—most importantly, where they can experience unconditional love. Hope Academy is a resource for local families, providing a God-centered, remarkable education for students and an admissions team focused on supporting women and families. Learn how this community can help one make connections, receive solutions to common barriers, and provide an education affordable for all by visiting their campus for a tour. Use this opportunity to experience how together, with community support, there is Hope.

Location: 2300 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis. For more information and to set up a tour, contact the Admissions Team at 612-489-5154 or visit Applications for the 2023-2024 school year can be completed at

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