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From The Streets to The Stage: A Music Business Survivor Comes to Minneapolis

Mike Younger

Courtesy of Mike Younger

On the heels of the triumphant recovery and release of his record, Burning the Bigtop Down—recorded with rock icon Levon Helm and legendary Memphis producer Jim Dickinson (both whom have since passed away)— Mike Younger has been an unstoppable force of nature. At 9:30 p.m., on July 21, Younger will be joined by Minneapolis music veterans Becky Kapell and The Fat 6, and Jettkick with Madalyn Mae, at Palmer’s Bar, in Minneapolis.

In 2022 alone, both solo and with his band Mike Younger & The Tennessee Treehuggers, Younger logged over 100 tour dates at clubs and festivals across the U.S. Having been discovered by country artist Rodney Crowell while a street performer in New Orleans, Younger was relentless in his efforts to reclaim his lost recordings (held in limbo for almost 20 years due to collapse of his label), and was finally able to recover the tapes in 2017 and release the project in 2021 with the blessing of the families. “I’ve come way too far to let my own work be kept from me,” Younger says, with the quiet confidence of someone who has beaten the odds.

Over the years, Younger has lent his voice and his songs to various progressive causes. He is a staunch advocate for clean energy and environmental justice, and he bears the scars to prove it. The lyrics of his songs articulate some of the challenges of these times. His music is rooted in blues, folk and country.

Location: 500 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis. For more information, email  [email protected] or visit

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